Aphelion Quantum Darts review With Adam White

Adam White gives his honest review on the Aphelion Darts.

Let us know your question, or your thoughts on these darts in the comments below if you have a set.

Quantum Darts ‘Aphelion’ has been manufactured with precision and integrated quality throughout the whole process. The barrel is made of three key sections: high intensity shark grip front, high intensity shark grip rear and a centred section containing a subtle scallop with milled cuts that make the darts find their place when you roll them in your fingers, forming a free flowing feel to touch. They are engraved with the Quantum Darts logo for that unique finishing touch and stamp of quality product.

The darts come complete with standard shape branded 100 micron flights, a set of nylon shafts, weigh 25 grams and are contained within a sleek, compact blister pack.

Technical Details
• Length: 50,9mm
• Width: ø6.9 mm
• Tungsten Content: 90% Nickel Tungsten
• Weight: 25 grams

View Darts – https://www.quantumdarts.co.uk/product/quantum-darts-aphelion-25g/

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