I am so excited to bring you all the latest new features at Darts Planet TV, what do they include …….

I am so excited to let you all know about the exciting new features I have added on the website, I have spent lots of time making sure that Darts Planet TV is running all the best software, is easy to use and most important mobile friendly, so its easy to use while even on the go.

So whats NEW?

1. New membership dashboard allowing all users to have much more control over their profile, you can add everything from images to your links, e-mails, time zone, location, bio & lots more.

2. Find & connect members really easily by clicking on the members tab & viewing the entire members directory.

3. With our new chat feature you can easily connect with other Darts Planet TV members, we have also added a group message format making it even easier to make friends and have discussions.

4. I have added a new powerful forum with lots of Darts categories to cater from beginners to experts. Chat darts as much as you like.

5. The new questions & answers is a great place to ask others, not only can people help you, but they can also vote and earn Darts Planet Points along the way for their support.

6. We have added a ranking badge & star system to reward those that use the website most.

7. Dart Planet Points are now fully compatible with the all of the website, the more you use the site, the points you will receive, your account will have a full Darts Planet TV points dashboard so you can keep track of how many you have, how you earned them and lots more. Darts Planet TV points can be used to exchange for FREE merchandise in our shop.

8. Our awesome new blogging platform means that you can now post your darts blogs easily from your account, we will be sharing these heavily for you throughout social media and emails.

9. Do you have your own Live Darts Show? If so we can now embed your live feed into the website from Youtube or facebook, just get in touch with me and we will help promote this for you.

10. Got your own Darts YouTube channel and would like to be featured on Darts Planet TV? If so please get in contact with us as we can pull your entire channel in from YouTube to our website and do all the hard work for you. We have already worked along side Darts Review Channel, 180 Darts, Worldwide Darts & others to showcase their awesome content.

11. ( Beta ) We have added a new Dart Stars section, this is slightly different then before, we are still working on adding lots more players, but when this is all complete you will be able to watch all your favourite darts players videos in one place.

12. With 3 social media logins in now, it couldn’t be easier to join, you can sign up via facebook, twitter, google or if you would prefer the traditional way with username & password.

13. Share your events & exhibitions in the forums, again we will be happy to promote and share for you.

14. The shop has now been added into the site and we are populating it with Merchandise ( should all be in very soon ) so you guys can get it for FREE with your Darts Planet Points TV Points.

Thanks for reading this post, I am sure I have missed something as it was a big update, if you do have any questions at all then please just ask.


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