Boulton, Dobey and Beaton top opening Home Tour III groups as Larsson hits nine-darter

Andy Boulton, Chris Dobey and Steve Beaton topped their respective groups as the PDC Home Tour III began this week.

The third staging of the event streamed live from players’ homes started on Monday and will feature 18 groups, concluding on December 10.

There will be a cumulative table compiled from all the groups, and the top seven will qualify for the Championship Group on December 11.

Monday’s Group One was won by Boulton as James Wilson, William Borland and Luke Humphries all picked up eight points.

Boulton won five of his six matches, and was particularly impressive in the early stages of the group with 95-plus averages against Wilson, Borland and Adam Hunt.

Home Tour II winner Humphries posted the only ton-plus average on Monday in a whitewash defeat of Hunt.

‘The Hunter’ finished level on two points with Jonathan Worsley at the bottom of Group One, while Barrie Bates picked up four points.

Group Two took place on Tuesday, and Dobey was in inspired form, bouncing back from an opening defeat to win his remaining five matches and finish top.

Finland’s Marko Kantele also collected 10 points, but was pipped by ‘Hollywood’ on leg difference.

Daniel Larsson joined Luke Woodhouse as the men to hit nine-darters on the Home Tour as he nailed the perfect leg in his game with Krzysztof Kciuk, with the Swede eventually losing 4-2.

Kciuk and Larsson finished on eight and six points respectively, while David Pallett also won three matches to finish above Lisa Ashton on two points and Ryan Meikle on zero.

In Group Three, Beaton and Mickey Mansell both won five from six, with ‘The Bronzed Adonis’ finishing top courtesy of leg difference.

The undoubted highlight of that group was a 118 average from Beaton in his 4-1 defeat of Alan Tabern, in which he hit three 12-darters and an 11-darter.

Mansell was typically very solid throughout the day, missing a dart to beat Beaton in his final match and top the table.

The Northern Irishman is still off to a good start in his Home Tour III campaign, as are Gary Blades and Joe Murnan who finished on six points on Wednesday.

Alan Tabern and Richard North collected four points, while it was just the two for Nathan Derry.

Home Tour III resumes on Monday with the first of four consecutive days of action.


Group One
Monday, October 26

Luke Humphries 4-2 Barrie Bates
Andy Boulton 4-2 James Wilson
Jonathan Worsley 4-3 William Borland
Luke Humphries 4-0 Adam Hunt
Barrie Bates 4-3 Jonathan Worsley
William Borland 4-2 James Wilson
Andy Boulton 4-2 Adam Hunt
Luke Humphries 4-3 Jonathan Worsley
James Wilson 4-0 Barrie Bates
Andy Boulton 4-0 William Borland
Adam Hunt 4-1 Jonathan Worsley
James Wilson 4-2 Luke Humphries
Andy Boulton 4-0 Barrie Bates
William Borland 4-2 Adam Hunt
James Wilson 4-0 Jonathan Worsley
Luke Humphries 4-2 Andy Boulton
William Borland 4-0 Barrie Bates
James Wilson 4-2 Adam Hunt
Andy Boulton 4-1 Jonathan Worsley
William Borland 4-2 Luke Humphries
Barrie Bates 4-3 Adam Hunt

Group Two
Tuesday, October 27

Marko Kantele 1-4 Daniel Larsson
David Pallett 4-3 Ryan Meikle
Lisa Ashton 3-4 Krzysztof Kciuk
Chris Dobey 3-4 Marko Kantele
Daniel Larsson 4-2 Lisa Ashton
Krzysztof Kciuk 4-3 David Pallett
Ryan Meikle 2-4 Chris Dobey
Lisa Ashton 1-4 Marko Kantele
David Pallett 4-3 Daniel Larsson
Ryan Meikle 1-4 Krzysztof Kciuk
Chris Dobey 4-0 Lisa Ashton
Marko Kantele 4-2 David Pallett
Daniel Larsson 4-0 Ryan Meikle
Krzysztof Kciuk 2-4 Chris Dobey
David Pallett 4-3 Lisa Ashton
Ryan Meikle 0-4 Marko Kantele
Krzysztof Kciuk 4-2 Daniel Larsson
Chris Dobey 4-3 David Pallett
Lisa Ashton 4-1 Ryan Meikle
Marko Kantele 4-1 Krzysztof Kciuk
Daniel Larsson 0-4 Chris Dobey

Group Three
Wednesday, October 28

Gary Blades 4-1 Nathan Derry
Mickey Mansell 4-2 Alan Tabern
Richard North 4-3 Steve Beaton
Nathan Derry 4-2 Joe Murnan
Steve Beaton 4-1 Gary Blades
Alan Tabern 4-0 Richard North
Mickey Mansell 4-1 Joe Murnan
Steve Beaton 4-2 Nathan Derry
Gary Blades 4-2 Alan Tabern
Mickey Mansell 4-3 Richard North
Steve Beaton 4-2 Joe Murnan
Alan Tabern 4-1 Nathan Derry
Mickey Mansell 4-2 Gary Blades
Joe Murnan 4-3 Richard North
Steve Beaton 4-1 Alan Tabern
Mickey Mansell 4-3 Nathan Derry
Gary Blades 4-2 Richard North
Joe Murnan 4-3 Alan Tabern
Steve Beaton 4-3 Mickey Mansell
Richard North 4-2 Nathan Derry
Joe Murnan 4-3 Gary Blades

by Jamie Cameron

(Featured Image: Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics)

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