Cardiff Premier League Predictions & Preview

Colossus are a pools company who provide the world’s largest jackpots for sport and racing. Pools betting is different to regular ‘fixed odds’ betting in the sense that odds are out the window. Instead, you’re joining with, or competing against, fellow players for a share of the huge jackpot prizes. Whoever correctly predicts the outcomes, gets a share of the prize. So it’s similar to a lottery in that sense.
How can you join with other players though?

Colossus encourage social betting by providing a Syndicates feature. Syndicates are groups of players who club together to share the cost of a ticket as well as any potential winnings. It’s a great way to give yourselves a better chance in particularly tricky pools and it’s fun as well! The best bit? If you are the one to create the Syndicate you will receive a rebate as a reward.

If you create enough, you can even bet for free!

With a wide variety of football and racing pools, as well as darts, basketball, ice hockey and American football, Colossus has something for everyone.

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