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Bobby George Exclusive Interview Interview – Crazy Stories – What A Blast

The legend Bobby George shares some of his crazy stories and talks about darts in the olden days, we also talk BDO, players learning there […]

Devon ‘THE AFRICAN WARRIOR’ Petersen Exclusive Interview

I was lucky enough to catch up with Devon Petersen in Bradford and talk about darts, we chatted about darts in darts in South Africa, […]

Richard ‘NORTHY’ North Exclusive Interview Ahead Of World Darts Matchplay

It was great to have the opportunity to speak with Richard ‘Northy’ North ahead of the World Darts Matchplay in Blackpool. I got to find […]

Andrew ‘GOLDFINGER’ Gilding Exclusive Interview – Funny Tour Tales

I was lucky enough to spend the evening with Andrew Gilding & my mate mate Adam White. I got to hear lots of tour tales […]

Chris Mason Answers Your Questions – Awesome Show

Huge thanks to Chris Mason for answering all your subscriber questions & a couple of mine of course. Love the stories also. ——————————————————————————————————————— If you […]

Burton DeWitt Chats Darts & Stats With Darts Planet TV

It was great to chat darts & stats with Burton DeWitt, Find out more about Burton, how he got into darts, about his awesome stats, […]

Robbie ‘KONG’ Green Features On darts PlanetTV To Chat Darts & A Bit Of Football

It was awesome to have the opportunity to chat with Robbie ‘Kong’ Green about darts and some football to. If you are interested in any […]

Must Watch, Talking Stats With Ohepedia’s Christopher Kempf

It was awesome to chat stats with Ochepedia’s Christopher Kempf, we covered so many dart facts, if you like the stats side of darts this […]

Awesome Interview With ‘THE ASSET’ Paul Nicholson

I was so lucky to be able to interview Paul Nicholson, we chatted everything darts, from his goals for 2018 to his commentary & darts […]

My Unforgettable Interview With Trina Gulliver | MBE & 10 x World Champion

I was so lucky to get the amazing opportunity to interview 10 x World Champion & MBE Trina Gulliver. I got to ask Trina lots […]

Chatting With Scott Mitchell About How The Scottish open Gives Players Of All Levels A Chance

It was great to chat with Scott Mitchell at the Scottish Open about the Scottish Open and how it gives players of all levels a […]

I Blushed When Interviewing Deta Hedman | What A Lovely Lady

I felt so privileged to interview Deta Hedman the current World Number 1, I got to ask lots of questions, but I did blush, what […]

WOW, I Got To Chat To Lots Of Pros At The Scottish Open, McGeeney, Mitchell, Montgomery & More

It was great to meet and be able to chat to lots of pros at the Scottish Open, all the BDO players made me feel […]

Talking Q School & 2018 Season With Ryan Murray

I was lucky enough to catch up with Ryan Murray and talk about Q School & his goals for 2018. If you like my videos […]

John Henderson Chats Darts With Darts Planet TV | Awesome Interview With Hendo | World Ranking 27

Darts Planet TV talks to John Henderson ‘The Highlander’ about everything darts, I got the pleasure to ask Hendo a number of darts questions and […]

Chris Mason Chats Darts With Darts Planet TV | Great Interview With Mace The Ace

Darts Planet TV talks to Chris Mason ‘Mace The Ace’ about everything darts, we cover a wide range of darts topics along with some of […]

Diogo Portela Chats About Darts & His Journey So Far With Darts Planet TV

I felt so lucky to have the awesome Brazilian Diogo Portela on Darts Planet TV to talk everything darts and his journey so far. Find […]