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Brendan Dolan Could Drop As Low As 50 In The World Rankings

Brendan Dolan needs to earn around 15k to stop himself dropping a long way down the PDC world rankings. Please get involved & leave your […]

The Money Game With Ochepedia – Order Of Merit

Christopher Kempf, the statistical analyst of the PDC, takes a look at what the Order of Merit tells us about the past and future of […]

How Pressure Affects Players When Checking Out With Ochepedia

We look at players stats from Ochepedia when needing to checkout under pressure. Another great video with Christopher Kempf. Please leave your comments below.——————————————————————————————————————— If […]

132 Is The Most Interesting Checkout | Ochepedia’s Christopher Kempf Explains Why

Christopher Kempf from Ochepedia talks about the 132 checkout and why he thinks its the most interesting. Which way do you checkout on 132, do […]

Treble 19 Gives Your Game An Edge – Tip From Ochepedia + Chats About His Latest Tweets

It’s always fascinating talking with Christopher Kempf from Ochepedia, we chatted about lots of his latest tweets & stats as well as the advantage of […]

Must Watch, Talking Stats With Ohepedia’s Christopher Kempf

It was awesome to chat stats with Ochepedia’s Christopher Kempf, we covered so many dart facts, if you like the stats side of darts this […]