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HOW TO – ReWatch The 2018 BDO World Championships In The USA or UK Using A VPN

The BDO World Championships is currently blocked in the USA & UK on Youtube. Here’s a simple way to get around the geo block using […]

A Perfect Right To Left 180 – Mark McGeeney – 2018 BDO World Final

Mark bashes in this perfect right to left 180 all on the bottom wire. I know all 180’s score the same but some just look […]

2018 BDO Youth World Final – All The High Checkouts – Justin van Tergouw & Killian Heffernan

An incredible display of finishing power from Justin van Tergouw and Killian Heffernan at the 2018 BDO World Youth final. (Visited 76 times, 1 visits […]

Cheeky Checkout – Eric Bristow – Exhibition Match 1979

Eric Bristow steps to the oche after chucking 2 darts into the wooden floor. Does he hit the checkout with ONE dart in hand? (Visited […]

2 Identical 11 Darters To Start A Match – Ted Hankey 1999 – 136.64 Average!

What an amazing start to a world championship match. After 2 identical legs Ted Hankey is averaging 136.64. This was Ted was playing at his […]

Harrows Verve 23g – Quick Review

In this video we take a close up look at the Harrows 23g Verve dart. All throughout making the video I was continually impressed by […]

Harrows Darts Week & GIVEAWAY – Win Harrows Darts Of Your Choice

Thanks to Harrows Darts I’ll be doing 3 reviews next week starting on December 18th and then every other day until the 22nd. After that […]

Brilliant Leg Of Darts – 10 Darter Glen Durrant – 2017 Winmau World Masters

Glen Durrant reels off the best leg of the day with a 10 darter at the 2017 Winmau World Masters (Visited 34 times, 1 visits […]

Jackie The Lion Is Reunited With His Lost Hat – 2017 BDO British Open

Jackie The Lion has his lost hat returned to him at the 2017 BDO British Open. He lost it last week and some kind person […]

Martin Adams 22g Datadart – An Up Close Look

In this video I take a close look at the 22g Martin Adams darts from Datadart. I also verify the dimensions as many dart shops […]

Thought I Was On For The 9 Darter…

I could have sworn I was on for the 9 darter. Nope. It turns out old WWD just can’t see. To be fair, the One80 […]

Learning Your Checkouts 80 Through 84 – Part 4

In part 4 of the series I take a look at the checkouts 80 through 84 and recommend the best options of winning the leg. […]

WWD Attempts The JDC Challenge

Here’s my best attempt at the JDC Challenge. I added a mirror to show where I’m standing and a clock with a second hand to […]

5 Different Sets Of Darts 501 Challenge – 15 Darter Or Less?

Using 5 different sets of darts do you think WWD can reel off a 15 darter or better? Darts range in weight from 19.2 grams […]

Chicago Darts Challenge – Fun New Practice Challenge

Here’s a new challenge from Fjordblue59 over on Reddit Darts. It’s called the Chicago Challenge. The idea is to complete 3 legs of darts in […]