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Hi there guys and gals, Johnny here.

Over the last year I have been honing my craft and getting in some serious practice (albeit mostly at home if not at open competitions in Northern Ireland). Mainly have been playing against the computer on various programs such as darts4windows, No1, darts scorer, prodarter etc.

But today I thought I would take the plunge and spend $24 annual subscription to the premium section. I had a look at the review done by Chris Mason with the DartConnect founder David Macher a while back on YouTube and I have to say it is great for scoring. The video review Chris can be found here.

So here we go – how I an amateur, but aspiring to be professional darts player, finds the application:

Compatibility: For me, it scores 10 out 10 – I was able to bring up the scoring app on my desktop (on google chrome), mobile phone (android) and tablet (android).

Score Entry:  I give this a great score of 9 out of 10. I had to take 1 off as I wasn’t sure how I could change the presets – although I’m sure you can. There are preset scores at each side of the number entry for quick entry like 85, 45, 100, 140 (didn’t hit many of those though!).  Mistakes can be fixed straight away or after the fact for accurate scoring and average taking.

For ease of use and user friendliness : I score it 8 out of 10. I think in hindsight that I should give it 9 – but because I use the laptop every day, I didn’t find it too hard to navigate – but I’m thinking of people who maybe are not on the computer and on that basis I think a 8 is fair score.

My conclusion is that I will use this from now on, as it saves your match history, I can also use this on my league games to record averages and plot my progress over time. Besides personal use you can also use the system to see all live action scores of tournaments and competitions that are using it for instance the CDC and PDC.

The fact that the PDC are using this now to record scores for the professional game means that anyone aspiring to be a professional might as well get used to using it. Averages dont win games, winners do – but it gives you all the information you need to see where your game is. Well worth the $24 in my very humble opinion.

So when you average out my scoring – it comes to 9 out of 10 – go and download it.

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LoneWolf180 Oracle consultant, throws darts. Proud husband and dad. Love my family and work. Write for dartsplanet.tv and northernirelanddarts.co.uk I walk my own path ??

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