Darts Betting Guide – Tips & How To Bet on Darts

The popularity of darts betting is growing every year, especially in European countries. Below you can learn a lot about this sport, and how to correctly place bets on darts tournaments.

Major Darts Tournaments

Many darts tournaments are held annually in the world, but almost all of the main ones are held in Great Britain and Ireland under the auspices of the PDC: World Championship (Alexandra Palace), World Grand Prix (Dublin), Premier League (various arenas throughout England), Grand Slam (Wolverhampton) and World Matchplay (Blackpool). The largest BDO tournament is its own version of the World Cup, which takes place at the Lakeside Country Club in Surrey every January.

Everything you need to know about darts betting

Before each tournament, British bookmakers post on their websites attractive betting offers that can interest even those gambling fans who have not heard of darts before.

The most popular betting conditions:

– Outcome of the game: In addition to the victory of one of the players, draws are possible in darts. The rules in case of such a result are different for different bookmakers – some of them make a refund.

– Exact score of the game: This market is present in the line of even domestic bookmakers. It is not so easy to guess the outcome of the meeting, nevertheless, some strategies allow you to make money on it.

– Total: These are bets on the total number of legs in a match. Some betting sites offer individual darts player totals.

– Tournament Winner: In PDC competitions, the top favourite wins most often.

– Bigger checkout: Which darts player will close the lag with more points remaining. This outcome is also determined by the individual style of the athlete. Some people prefer to keep the risk to a minimum, while others try to close and 170 points.

Basic betting strategies

In the first rounds of PDC tournaments, the favourites are given very low odds in the region of 1.05-1.1. The best way to profit from these games is to bet on the exact score of the match. Most often, an outsider manages to take several lags, and the final result is in the range of 10: 2-10: 6 (see the individual statistics of the darts player before betting). So instead of betting £100 at odds of 1.05 and winning just £5, it’s better to split that amount into proportions and place bets on the correct score.

On the sports betting sites, darts is a very profitable type of sport. In a few minutes that the game lasts, sometimes bets are made for a million euros, in 90% of cases for several hundred thousand. Markets are jumping a lot, and the right approach to trade against a favourite can be beneficial.

It should be noted that in this sport the favourite most often wins, but in no match does the coefficient move strictly downward. When using such a strategy, it is very important to understand when to close with a profit.

This approach is the most difficult to learn, but for those who have mastered it, it has become a stable source of income.

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