DPTV VIP Nexus League Rules

How Much Will It Cost?

This league has a £10 entry fee.

What Are The Prizes?

The winner of this tournament will receive £70. The runner up will receive £30.

How Do I Enter The Tournament?

Entry to this tournament was exclusively for DPTV VIP members. If you cancel your VIP membership during the leagues you will be removed from the remainder of the season as these leagues are for active VIP members only.

How Will The Main Draw Be Done?

Fixtures and leagues have already been drawn. Please refer to the fixtures to see who you are playing.

Once The Fixtures For The Week Has Been Released, What Happens Next?

Once the fixtures have been released, you have 5 days (between Monday-Friday) to contact the person via the Darts Planet TV website nexus player profile and play. If you have made contact and the person does not reply then they will forfeit the game. Proof will be needed.

Can Another Person Play In The Game?

No, it will be a void game and the player who you were supposed to play will get the points instead.

What Game Will We Be Playing?

The game we will be playing is 501 DO so this will be the room you need to be in on the nexus.

How Many Games Will Be Played?

It will be first to 7, best of 12 but if one player reaches 7 after say, 7 games, you do not need to play the remainder legs. The score could be 7-0,7-1,7-2,7-3,7-4,7-5 or could even be 6-6 just like the PDC Premier League Darts.

How Do We Let You Know The Result Of Our Matches?

The winner of each match is required to login to the website and add the match score in the Match Results form. This must be done as soon as possible after the game so that these leagues can run smoothly.

How Do The Points Work For The League?

It will be 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and there will be promotion or relegation where applicable.

Who Starts The Leg?

The leg will be started by a virtual coin toss and the loser of the previous leg will always throw first.

Do I Need My Camera & Microphone On?

Yes, you must have your camera and microphone enabled to play in this league. This allows communication to be had between players.

Will It Be Alternative Throws Throughout The Legs After The Toss Of The Coin?

At present, there is no alternate throw option so the loser of the previous leg will automatically be throwing first.

What Happens If My Dart Goes In The Board But Doesn't Register?

If your dart hits the board but does not register, then you must walk straight up to the board and make the dart register before another dart is thrown. After this, it cannot be changed. However, if you throw your last dart and it does not register, you must tell your opponent to ‘undo throw’. This will then put the game back to your throw and allow you to register the last dart score. To do this, use your microphone call option. 

What Distance Must I Throw From?

All dart throws should follow soft tip guidelines of 5ft 8” to the bull and 8ft from the face of the board to the throw line.

What Are The Rules i.e. Straight Double In Double Out?

This is a straight start double finish tournament.

What Should I Do If I Suspect Someone Is Cheating?

If you suspect that someone is cheating then please stop the game and contact DPTV who will then make a decision. Any person found to be cheating will be banned from this and any further DPTV tournaments.

What Is Classed As A Vilolation?

Interfering with opponents’ play, engaging in activities that intentionally delay the game, throwing darts while crossing the throw line and refusing to revise an incorrect score by deliberately advancing the turn. This will then have to be brought to the attention of the DPTV team which may mean disqualification.

What Happens If The Machine Malfunctions Or Loses Power?

In this case, we would ask for that leg of darts to be restarted. However, the nexus has a backup battery that should kick in due to loss of power so there should be enough battery to finish the current game.

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