Double Double Finishes

Hi guys,

Just a quick debate on double double finishes for instance, 76 remaining with 3 darts in hand. What way do you go?

There has been a notable shift in the approach from professionals over the last 18 month’s or so. A lot of them now are going for double double.

Back in the day this was frowned upon as show boating, but for me it makes perfect sense as you are increasing your chance of hitting the target provided you don’t throw outside the outer ring.

It makes sense when you think the double is considerably bigger than the treble and if you hit a single 18 you just follow it up with another 18 to get to the double top.

Same rule could apply for 78 on 19s, 74 on 17s and 72 on 16s.

I know myself I go double double and find more success on 72 and 76. Its harder to move from bottom of board on 74 and 78 up to tops but still it’s an interesting way to go.

Let me know your thoughts on it.

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