Dylan’s Darts Marathon 2019 – Putting Darts into perspective

Sometimes things can get put into serious perspective and this story is one that is bigger than darts and bigger than sport as a whole, but a timely reminder of the power we have as a community to come together to do something great.

On May the 11th this year Daniel Booth will be hosting the second ‘Dylan’s Darts Marathon’ in an attempt to raise money for the Williams Syndrome Foundation. Daniel’s son Dylan suffers from Williams Syndrome. If this is the first time you have heard of it don’t worry, it is a rare condition that occurs randomly and affects around one in 18,000 people in the UK. It is non-hereditary and causes distinctive facial characteristics and a wide range of learning difficulties, aside from that most sufferers have a slight narrowing of the aorta above the aortic valve.

However, this can lead to more serious heart and vascular abnormalities, and this has occurred in the young warrior Dylan. Daniel has told us that Dylan’s heart condition is beyond operating on and cannot be helped with medication either, as you can imagine this is heart-breaking for the family and the emotions involved cannot even be fathomed. The family were told he would not make it to his first birthday due to his condition, however Dylan has defied the odds and will be 22 months the time this event takes place this year! Amazing!


The Darts marathon itself is 12 hours long and features 12 players who will play in the ultimate test of darting endurance.


This is where I take inspiration from both Dylan and his father Daniel. Last year, Daniel organised and hosted the first Dylan’s Darts Marathon, a fundraiser to attempt to raise some money for the charity the Williams Syndrome Foundation, he managed to raise £5,000 for the charity that will be used for research into the illness and helping those who suffer from it.

This year, the event will be happing again at Crowborough Constitutional club in Sussex, and Daniel has set a target of £2000 for this year’s event. There is no Just Giving page set up, so Daniel is asking for prize donations for a raffle and then a silent auction to reach the target. That’s where you as a reader can help.

The darts community never fails to rally together for a good cause and I would personally like to ask anybody reading this to have a think about the way they could help the event reach their intended goal, the bravery shown by the family is truly commendable and they deserve as much support as possible for showing strength in true adversity.

If you have any darts memorabilia, have a business, have an unwanted gift to donate, please do so, every donation will really help and if you can make it to the event and support that way then even better, there is more to the world than sport and this story is a timely reminder that we are all human, and we must help each other where we can, this is a great cause and deserves as much help as we can give. We at DartsPlanet.tv will be donating prizes for the raffle, and we would love it if some of you could do the same.

If any of you are in a position where you would be able to help Dylan and his darts marathon, please contact his father Daniel at daniel@vistasystems.co.

There is plenty of time to do so as the event is not until the 11th of May, however even if you cannot help directly, by sharing this article and hashtagging #DylansDartsMarathon2019 on Twitter, you can help raise awareness for this truly great cause, and the little hero that is Dylan.

Please give generously, it is hard to imagine the bravery that Daniel has to do this.

Liam Kenny.

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