European Darts Grand Prix: Draw revealed as defending champion White faces Waites or Lowe

Ian White will commence the defence of his European Darts Grand Prix title on Saturday afternoon as he faces either Scott Waites or Jason Lowe in Sindelfingen.

The third of four events as part of the 2020 European Tour calendar takes place from October 16-18 at the Glaspalast, with crucial ranking points towards the European Championship up for grabs.

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Draw Bracket
(6) Daryl Gurney v Maik Kuivenhoven/Jonathan Worsley
(11) Glen Durrant v Nico Kurz/Stefan Bellmont
(3) Ian White v Scott Waites/Jason Lowe
(14) Michael Smith v Derk Telnekes/Robert Marijanovic
(7) Dave Chisnall v Darius Labanauskas/Michael Unterbuchner
(10) Joe Cullen v Kim Huybrechts/John Henderson
(2) Gerwyn Price v Harry Ward/Devon Petersen
(15) Jose De Sousa v Ricardo Pietreczko/Luke Woodhouse
(5) Mensur Suljovic v Kai Gotthardt/David Evans
(12) Jamie Hughes v Steve Lennon/Madars Razma
(4) Krzysztof Ratajski v Markus Buffler/Martijn Kleermaker
(13) Rob Cross v Adam Hunt/Damon Heta
(8) James Wade v Steffen Siepmann/Gabriel Clemens
(9) Nathan Aspinall v Chris Dobey/William O’Connor
(1) Michael van Gerwen v Mervyn King/Mindaugas Barauskas
(16) Vincent van der Voort v Max Hopp/Pero Ljubic

Schedule of Play
Friday October 16
First Round

Afternoon Session (12pm)
Maik Kuivenhoven v Jonathan Worsley
Mervyn King v Mindaugas Barauskas
Ricardo Pietreczko v Luke Woodhouse
Kai Gotthardt v David Evans
Scott Waites v Jason Lowe
Nico Kurz v Stefan Bellmont
Darius Labanauskas v Michael Unterbuchner
Harry Ward v Devon Petersen

Evening Session (6pm)
Kim Huybrechts v John Henderson
Max Hopp v Pero Ljubic
Derk Telnekes v Robert Marijanovic
Steve Lennon v Madars Razma
Markus Buffler v Martijn Kleermaker
Adam Hunt v Damon Heta
Steffen Siepmann v Gabriel Clemens
Chris Dobey v William O’Connor

Saturday October 17
Second Round
Afternoon Session (12pm)

Daryl Gurney v Kuivenhoven/Worsley
Ian White v Waites/Lowe
Michael Smith v Telnekes/Marijanovic
Glen Durrant v Kurz/Bellmont
Jose De Sousa v Pietreczko/Woodhouse
Dave Chisnall v Labanauskas/Unterbuchner
Joe Cullen v Huybrechts/Henderson
Jamie Hughes v Lennon/Razma

Evening Session (6pm)
Krzysztof Ratajski v Buffler/Kleermaker
Rob Cross v Hunt/Heta
James Wade v Siepmann/Clemens
Gerwyn Price v Ward/Petersen
Mensur Suljovic v Gotthardt/Evans
Michael van Gerwen v King/Barauskas
Nathan Aspinall v Dobey/O’Connor
Vincent van der Voort v Hopp/Ljubic

(Featured Image: PDC Europe)

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