Glen Durrant – Grand Slam entry question still unclear

PDC/PDPA Player Glen Durrant is yet to know if he is in the PDC Grand Slam by right of being the current BDO Champion, as he has yet to hear back from the BDO.

Durrant sat down with Phil Barrs from Live Darts whilst at last weeks Euro Tour in Germany and let Phil know the status of his entry to the Grand Slam.

Previously whilst in the BDO system the current BDO World Champion would receive one of the coveted places ‘granted’ by the BDO/PDC to enter the Grand Slam – the only remaining darts event where both organisations have players registered (live streamed) and playing on camera.

During the interview with Glen, he alluded to the fact that he had emailed BDO Chairman Des Jacklin on the matter, but is yet to receive any response.

“Two weeks ago, I emailed Paula and Des [Jacklin] and I asked the question.”

“I love the BDO, they let me achieve all my dreams. I’ve never said a bad word against the BDO and never will.

“I sent the message because I’m trying to work my calendar out – Am I in the Grand Slam as the BDO champion?”

“I know it’s a busy time with what’s going on, and the honest answer is I don’t know.”

“If I do go there as BDO champion, I don’t think I get the ranking points for the PDC, so there will be a question there. I’m in the Grand Slam now as a PDC player because of winning a ProTour, but I’m the last player to qualify, so if anyone else wins a European Tour, the World Matchplay or a ProTour who’s not already qualified then I’ll be out of the equation.”

“How do you turn down the Grand Slam? For me, it’s only behind Lakeside as the best tournament I’ve played in.”

So the question is does Glen Durrant still get a place from the BDO – even though he is now in the PDC system and if he does – does he get the prize money on his ranking??

I would guess it will be a case of if he has to use the BDO entry to get in, then he won’t get the prize money on his ranking as that would be unfair to the PDC players – he will get the money but not on his rankings. If he gets in the Grand Slam by his own ‘work’ in the PDC system then the prize money will go on his rankings. But Glen intimated that if he had to use the BDO entry to get in,  he will use it as he wants to play in the tournament.

He played well in it last year and was only denied further progression in by an inspired matchplay from a friend of the website Andrew Goldfinger Gilding.

An interesting story on this – many thanks to Phil at Live Darts for releasing the interview. So what do you guys think – will Glen make it to the Grand Slam by PDC route or be penalised ranking money by going the BDO route…let’s discuss…

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