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Darts Practice Games

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  • A new practice game I like to play to get your ‘eye’ in at competitions is what I call ‘Bow Tie’

    So you pick a number lets 13 and that then selects the corresponding number – directly across from it which would be 8 in this case.

    – To start you throw your first dart in the big segment of 13, second at big segment of 8 and then last dart at…Read More

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  • A different darts practice game I like to do is called 21 in 20.

    Rather straight forward and you can adjust to whatever number you would prefer – I know some people prefer 19’s.

    21 in 20: throw 21 darts (so 7 turns) at 20 and see if you can get them all in the segment – doesnt matter if single, double or treble. Just make sure they all in…Read More

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  • An oldie but a good one. 15 up to 20.

    Throw three darts at each segment once and count how many times you hit the segment. 1 for single, 2 for a double or 3 for a treble. Ideally you’d like to get 3 trebles in each segment – good luck with that!

    Total possible score is 54. Anywhere over 40 is a great score.

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  • Really looking forward to this group @johnnycree

    I only do around the clock ect, but know their are some great ones which are more fun to.

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    • Round the clock is good for doubles, but you need to score enough to make sure you get down to it first. I dont practice doubles. I practice finishes – combinations – 2 dart or three darters. I dont like round the clock – i find it boring after a while and i lose concentration.

      • I know what you mean, i sometimes play it with the kids, we also play it where if your last dart hit the segment, you get all 3 darts again.