Gurney & Price Involved In Sheffield Fracas

Daryl Gurney and Gerwyn Price could be in some pretty hot water with the PDC and the DRA, after ugly scenes following their tension filled 7-7 draw at the Fly DSE Arena in Sheffield last night.

The incident seemed to stem from the fifth leg of the match, where Gurney, 3-1 down, pinned double 16 to reduce his arrears. When he was attempting the double, Price allegedly slammed down his glass of water, in what Gurney presumably felt was gamesmanship. As Gurney hit the double, he could visibly be seen saying “B*ll bag” in the Welshman’s direction.

Price mentioned in his post match interview that Gurney was accusing him of talking while the Irishman was throwing, an accusation that Price has denied.

With a tremendous amount riding on their match, Price was back to his super charged self during the game, with the usual fist pumping and big celebrations following every big score and double hit.

Having missed darts to go 7-3 up, Price nailed an impressive 96 finish on double 18/tops to secure at least a point at 7-6.

Gurney wouldn’t be denied though, and after winning the final leg to square the contest, he immediately launched a verbal volley at “The Iceman”.

This lead to ugly scenes, with several officials and security staff having to physically separate the pair.

Both men can expect to cop hefty punishments from the authorities, as this wasn’t nice to see. Price is the modern day Peter Manley type pantonmime villain, and he has a knack of rubbing players up the wrong way. But make no mistake, Gurney is far from blameless in all this, and his actions were not what we want to see in the sport either.

It will be interested to see how hard the powers that be come down on the duo.


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