Harms leads the way with only a month left in the race to the O2

There’s barely a month to go in this BDO season but we already have a strong idea of the field that will be taking part at the first BDO World Championship to be played at the Indigo at the O2.

Heading into the Cat A+ BDO World Trophy, the men’s top 26 is:

  1. Wesley Harms
  2. Richard Veenstra
  3. Dave Parletti
  4. Jim Williams
  5. Wayne Warren
  6. Martijn Kleermaker
  7. Willem Mandigers
  8. Scott Mitchell
  9. Nick Kenny
  10. Adam Smith-Neale
  11. Mario Vandenbogaerde
  12. Gary Robson
  13. Gary Stone
  14. Michael Unterbuchner
  15. Ryan Hogarth
  16. Leighton Bennett
  17. Andy Hamilton
  18. David Evans
  19. Chris Landman
  20. Scott Waites
  21. Simon Stainton
  22. Gino Vos
  23. Ross Montgomery
  24. John Scott
  25. Francis Carragher
  26. Sebastian Steyer

Currently in 27th position is Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams and the three-time BDO World Champion has a chance to stake his claim on a spot with a good run at this weekend’s World Trophy. Currently snapping at his heels are Aaron Turner, Nick Fullwell and Justin Thompson.

Andreas Harrysson and David Cameron have already booked their places as the Baltic & Scandinavian and Canadian qualifiers respectively, but the other races remain firmly up for grabs.

Frenchman Thibault Tricole currently boasts a 15-point advantage over Dennie Olde Kalter at the top of the Western Europe table with four ranking events remaining. 21 points behind Tricole are the Irishman Carragher and Belgium’s Jeffrey van Egdom.

Sebastian Steyer is on course to qualify automatically but the Pole boasts a sizable lead over Gabriel Pascaru at the top of the Eastern European table. Should Steyer qualify automatically, the final two events in Ukraine will be key in determining whether it is Pascaru or Hungary’s Pal Szekely who will make their Worlds debut.

Paul Hogan’s run to the last 16 in the West Midlands Open bolsters his lead over Martin Adams to 22 points. A further 19 points behind Adams is Scotland’s Montgomery, with the next two contenders being Wolverhampton’s Fullwell and Jim McEwan. However, with two Cat A’s and an A+ still to come, things could change quite drastically for a number of players.

Darren Herewini of New Zealand has almost certainly booked his debut at the Worlds as he leads Mark McGrath by 14 points with only 14 left remaining at September’s Auckland Open.

In the US table, Joe Chaney has a slender five-point advantage over Leonard Gates. Only those two remain within a shot of qualifying with only the Cat C Witch City Open in New Hampshire left. For Gates to qualify, he will need to better Chaney’s result by at least two rounds.

As things stand, the ladies field is as follows:

  1. Lisa Ashton
  2. Mikuru Suzuki
  3. Aileen de Graaf
  4. Fallon Sherrock
  5. Deta Hedman
  6. Laura Turner
  7. Lorraine Winstanley
  8. Anastasia Dobromyslova
  9. Maria O’Brien
  10. Casey Gallagher
  11. Beau Greaves
  12. Paula Jacklin
  13. Trina Gulliver MBE

Australia’s Tori Kewish currently sits in 14th and will qualify as things stand if the World Masters winner is in the top 13. Kirsty Hutchinson and Priscilla Steenbergen, who qualified for the World Trophy through the play-offs, have a good chance to bolster their chances of qualifying for a maiden World Championships with a deep run in Blackburn.

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