Is Darts another Football Premier League (in disguise)?

If you liken darts to another sport it would come out more like boxing than any other, not maybe for the athleticism of the players, but for the way the game is promoted, and I for one have no problem with this.

But let’s say for a moment that darts was the football Premier League in another guise. In what ways is darts like football?

Well, let’s give each player a team and take it from there.

MVG has to be Man City, and all the more because this year with a few other teams looking good, there is no telling what he will win in terms of majors, in spite of lighting the sport up througout the year with the best play, averages, finishing and in many cases, flair. Tipped to win every time something big is played for, and by rights he should, although he is not going to lift each trophy because he is largely the player everybody wants to beat – but also the one they most fear.

Peter Wright, well, can I forgive myself for comparing a darts player I like, to a football team I can’t stand? I think Snakebite is the Liverpool of the oche, with his tendency to get to finals, play really nice darts along the way and let’s not forget he has beaten the ‘superior’ team MVG on three critical occasions this year. But who has lost more major finals, Klopp or Wright? And neither will want reminding of the fact.

The lad from Mendham is not the best in the world, all considered, but at his best, is as good as the best in the world and at the moment is not a player MVG will want to meet in the semis of another major. I hope Liverpool don’t win the league this year (speaking as a Crewe fan, for those who are wondering) but I do hope Snakebite wins the Worlds. Sadly, I don’t think he is going to. May he prove me wrong and laugh in my face!

Gary Anderson has to be Chelsea. By this I mean that at his best he is unstoppable but he tends to show it in spells rather than all the time. Fair enough, who can always be at 100%? But like Eden Hazard, although not for the same reasons, Ando has good and bad patches yet let’s be fair, the bad patches are still pretty impressive. One December he is easily the best, World Champion at a canter and the next year out in the quarter finals. This year Ando has been like Chelsea in the first season under Antonio Conte. Slow start, and then……..!

Rob Cross I would put down as Leicester, although this is based more on the surprise World Championship win than the way he has performed to his ability since then, while Leicester were never going to become an established Top 4 side. So there are some differences, granted. But at the moment, Voltage is, if he will forgive me for saying so, a one-hit wonder, and has some work to do before many people see him as an established one of the Big Four.

Daryl Gurney is a Spurs type player, i.e brilliant, with some amazing aspects to his game, capable of beating anybody on his day and hitting 180s and huge averages. He has won things and does some great stuff on the oche but I never really feel like he is going to win one of the big three. Yet although not many people tip Spurs for the Premier League they hang on in there in the Top 4 (or 5), and in the most competitive league in the world, that has to be something.

Mensur Suljovic is too good to be Red Star Belgrade although they came to Crewe for a friendly game a while back and destroyed us. Best team we have ever had at Gresty Road. How that game ended just 3-0 nobody will ever know! This is Mensur, class, and a lovely guy.

But this was I think the 90s and as I am dealing with the now, and the Premier League, I am going to compare Mensur to Arsenal, but only on the basis of this season, not the last 8 years. Arsenal started badly but recently have done really well and I think people are writing them off too soon. I seriously think the Gunners could finish Top 3 even though, very much like Mensur, they don’t always do things the easy way.

Dave Chisnall is a bit like an Everton, in that he should be doing better with his ability, but in my opinion is just a Top 10 player who I don’t think is going to get higher than mid-table. I know Joe Williams might prefer a more optimistic outlook for his team but Marco Silva’s averages just seem to have dried up since he missed that 40 finish at Hull and hit a few lucky 140s at Watford.

Ian White, Wolves, not in the Premier League for no reason, a seriously good player results against whom the others will do well not to take for granted.

Phil Taylor won everything for decades and is not going to win anything on the PDC tour this year. I wonder if Man United have retired too and think they are playing on the exhibition circuit. Making an exhibition of themselves, that’s for sure, but I would like to make it clear that I don’t think Phil Taylor is the same laughing stock as the once majestic side from (just outside) Manchester. How the mighty fall. And how the mighty retire. And how we miss one more than the other 😉

RVB, how about Newcastle United? Been a great side, everybody’s second favourite team and decent, still seen as a big side. But are they? Things not going so well at the moment for either and most darts / football fans will hope that they turn it round as soon as possible.

Glen Durrant? Well, Middlesborough. The two seem inseparable but if we stay with my analogy anyway, he is the best in an inferior league and would never have a lasting impact in the top flight, but people would be happy to see him give it a go.

Gav seems OK at darts, but would he beat Darren Webster in an Old Farm derby? Surely an Ipswich Town.

And I have Gerwyn Price down as a Cardiff, if truth be known. I hope he doesn’t mind.

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