Jamie Hughes Exclusive – “I know I can beat anyone in the world”

Last year, whilst BDO number three, Jamie Hughes decided to seek pastures new and made the switch to the PDC, despite the implications at that time meaning he couldn’t then compete at Lakeside the following year, he didn’t succeed which meant he was to compete on the Challenge Tour. This year, he went back and put things right on his first attempt by winning his tour card on day one alongside his roommate and stable partner Harry Ward.

Since then, Jamie has continued to gain admirers with his stunning performances and massive averages that have seen the Tipton man propel himself right into the top form players in the world, I was lucky enough to speak to Yozza on the day he qualified for the Euro Tour and he said he is more than happy with the way his arrows are flying, but the results need to match the performances, Jamie told DartsPlanetTV: “at the moment the darts couldn’t be going much better, I’m playing really well. I would like to be a bit better but it’s just one of them things, I feel a bit of patience and the results will come with the performances. I’ve played well getting through to the euro tours and hopefully I can take that onto the pro tour, and get a well overdue good run.

Jamie has talked about the need for fitness as a darts player due to the intensity of the tournaments, and says he has made changes to his diet and his lifestyle to make sure he is always at his best.

I asked Jamie if these changes made the difference to the Q School results and Yozza said

“ No not really, I just think it wasn’t meant to be, it was a harsh lesson but one I needed to learn, I couldn’t keep doing the BDO  to be honest, changes in my life and my lifestyle meant I couldn’t do it. Even if I hadn’t made the PDC this year I still wouldn’t have done the BDO, it’s just not possible. As I am self-employed, if I don’t work I don’t get paid, and with the BDO it was hard to justify as you need to get to the semis or the final constantly, just to cover your expenses. It was hard to keep on top of it”.

Jamie told me that this isn’t uncommon and the majority of players in the BDO are in a similar situation, “They’re all living working people, I know myself that all of us on the BDO tour were in the same boat, it’s so hard to get the time off work, on top of that you have to take at least £100 away with you just to have your food and a few drinks and you’ve got to get to the quarters to get that back, your just hoping you get a good run in a big comp and get to a final, where the big money is, a five grand or a three grand one”.

Jamie says that this is one of the reasons the players develop such great friendships on the tour “Like I said I think it’s down to us all being in the same boat, you know, you’re away a hell of a lot of the time, I probably went through a period where I seen more of Jim Williams and Glen Durrant than I did my wife! And when you’re away you can have down days and you pick each other up with the banter and things like that”

2019 for Jamie has started rather successfully but admits due to the two year ranking system he would need a minor miracle to qualify for any T.V tournament other than the world championships. “I think this next 12 months is a bit much to ask for a T.V tournament apart from ally pally, I’m looking at this year as a building year for next year, hopefully then I’ll be knocking on the door of all those competitions then.

When asked about how far he thinks he can go in the PDC, Jamie is bullish about his chances and rightfully so, he said “I think I’m as good as anyone in the world to be honest, I think I’ve proved that not only to everyone else but to myself as well, I know I can play as good as anyone in the world on any given day, I’m not trying to say I’m the best player in the world but obviously the top players are there because they do it consistently well week in week out, month in month out, but I know that on any given day I can beat anyone in the world, I know that. This year I’m running on a 100 average, I know I can do it”

We at DartsPlanetTV would like to wish Yozza all the best for the season.

Liam Kenny.

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