Keegan Brown on helping NHS during coronavirus: ‘It’s tough but we’re one family coming together’

Isle of Wight lab-assistant and world number 30, Keegan Brown, has swapped the oche for lengthened shifts in order to assist the NHS during the worsening worldwide coronavirus crisis.

Brown, who lifted the prestigious World Youth Championship in 2014 and reached the Grand Slam of Darts quarter-finals in amongst the same season, is employed as a blood-science assistant and opted to pursue extra hours during these difficult times.

“It is tough, I’m not going to lie,” Brown told Sky Sports News, “but we are one massive healthcare family and we’re coming together.

“This is every single department within hospitals up and down the country working together to make sure it’s a safe environment for anyone.

“A lot of staff members, while working in the laboratory, are taking training in different areas so we are getting ready to take over staff members’ jobs to the point that if they self-isolate we’re able to backfill, as such.”

Despite obviously spending the vast majority of his time now helping the country’s healthcare fight Covid-19, Brown has refused to completely forget the arrows, keeping his arm in check when he gets the opportunity.

“I’m obviously not practising as much as I would like to,” he added, “but my set of skills are definitely essential to somewhere else other than the dartboard, so they’re not locked away just yet.

“Obviously I’m keeping my arm in still, but they won’t be seeing lots of practice hours.”

Former World Matchplay champion and world number one, Colin Lloyd, praised Brown and the entirely of the NHS fraternity for their selflessness and determination in tacking the coronavirus pandemic.

“Can we just say a massive well done to our NHS staff and our very own Keegan Brown,” Lloyd said during Sky Sports’ Darts Show podcast.

“Keegan Brown is not only a darts player but he’s also an NHS employee stepping up to the plate, going in and helping to tackle what’s going on over here.

“An absolute massive well done to Keegan and also all the NHS staff around the globe, not just here in the UK, everywhere around the world.”

(Photography: Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

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