Landmark Day for O’Donnell at Event 12

Raymond O’Donnell won his first ever DPA Tour Event on Sunday winning Event 12 in East Devonport with a 6-4 win over Shane Tichoswitch in the final.

O’Donnell, who had to come through 4 round robin matches winning 3 with wins over Andy Pinder, Willy Kimura and Nathan Seabourne but a defeat to Robbie King. In the knockout stages, he saw off Peter Sutton, Tim Pusey, Jamie Rundle, Bill Aitken and of course Tichoswitch in the final with an 82.2 average.

Tichoswitch came through 3 round matches with wins over Ben Dawkins, Michael Cassar and Hayden Scott. In the knockout stages, he saw off Dwayne Seabourne, Laurie Loch, Damon Heta, Steve Fitzpatrick but unable to win the decider despite averaging 86.8.

Events 9 and 11 winner Gordon Mathers lost out in the last 16 with James Bailey, Event 10 winner, losing out in the last 32.

DPA Pro Tour Weekend returns on May 2nd-5th with Events 13-18 from Macquarie INN Dubbo. All Live Scores and Results on

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