Luke Humphries withdraws from PDC Pro Tour this weekend

Luke Humphries has withdrawn from this weekends double header of PDC Players Championship competitions.

Luke recently revealed his personal battles with anxiety which means he suffers from panic attacks before and during and after his games.

Bravely he carried on in the season but he posted to Facebook on Friday night and called his decision to withdraw the hardest of his career so far.

He will not be returning until he gets the right help from the right people, and will be picking and choosing events from now on.

‘I’ve made the hardest decision of my pro career to date but have decided to remove myself from the PDC Players Championship events this weekend,’ said Humphries.

‘I’m really just not mentally strong enough at the moment and I need to get myself better before I can progress and I know that now, I won’t be returning until things get better for me which I will be on the road to starting this Tuesday; I will be picking and choosing events I want to play in for the rest of the year.’

‘Thanks for everyone’s support throughout this tough time I’m going through. but I know I’ll come out the other side and be a better player for it. This really hasn’t been easy for me. I’m gutted. But it’s 100% the right decision for me. And I wish the player taking my place all the best in the world.”

This is a very brave post from Luke and I think personally for his mental health and well being he is doing the right thing.

It goes without saying he is a very talented chap at the arrows but it must be debilitating to go up on stage and be suffering from panic attacks.

Imagine if he didnt have panic attacks how good he could be…

I’m sure everyone at DartsPlanet, PDC, BDO and the wider darts community wish Luke all the best in his battle with anxiety, but I am sure he will overcome it over time.

Really there is no point in competing at the highest level if when you do, a condition makes you ill.

In my experience the best arrows come out when you are enjoying it, and I look forward to Luke making his comeback and enjoying the experience in the future. When that happens Luke will an even more danger to the top players in the game.

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