Martin Adams interested in becoming BDO chairman and wants World Championship moved to Easter

Martin Adams, the three-time world champion, has declared his interest in becoming British Darts Organisation chairman during a spell of frustration in and around the organisation.

Following a World Championship overshadowed by troubles, including a reportedly slashed prize fund as well as relatively poor ticket sales in the early stages of the tournament, many players within the system have called for current chairman Des Jacklin to resign.

The popular figure that is Adams has been suggested by a number of BDO competitors, with the man himself willing to take up the onerous role in an attempt to save the failing organisation.

Having qualified for his 26th World Championship this month, ‘Wolfie’ still competes on the circuit, having reached the Welsh Classic final last year and having lifted the French Open in November of the same season.

Adams, 63, has plans of returning the World Championship to the Lakeside Country Club, amid claims of this year’s venue – the Indigo at The O2 – being the better of the two.

“If the BDO wanted me to do it, if the counties who vote in the chairman and the board wanted it, I’d probably give it a stab,” Adams told “I’d probably give it more than a stab to be honest. I know what needs to be done. At the moment [the BDO bosses] are not getting it right.

“I think [moving the World Championship away from Lakeside] was the wrong move. I can’t understand it. But it’s not my decision. If I had the ability to drag it back there, I’d drag it back there now. The Lakeside is a special place for darts players and darts fans.”

Adams, who departed in the second round of the recent BDO flagship spectacle at the hands of two-time world champion Scott Waites, also believes the World Championship moving to a later date would counteract the decrease in ticket sales.

“I would sit down and have a chat with [PDC chairman] Barry Hearn, and say, ‘look, this is silly – this battle of the World Championships is silly. You’ve won, well done, we’ll move ours’.

“I think we’d both get good audiences. At this time of the year, there’s only so much money people have got to spend. They’ve gone to the tournament that’s there first. They’re saying sorry, the second one, I can’t afford it.

“What should the BDO do? Let’s not play it in January, Let’s move it further into the year. Maybe Easter will be a good time. There’s a bank holiday at Easter. Me personally, I’d go for that as our final weekend.”

Photography by Chris Sargeant/TipTopPics

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