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Hutchinson does double as McKinstry and Barry also triumph in Newry

Irish teenager Keane Barry and Kyle McKinstry won the men’s events in Newry as Kirsty Hutchinson did the double in the first BDO ranking...

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Greaves does the double as Kenny and Raman also win in Bruges

Beau Greaves picked up her seventh and eighth titles of the year as Nick Kenny and Brian Raman won the final men’s events in...

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Ashton does the double as Harms and Olde Kalter also win in Bridlington

Lisa Ashton made it four titles from five singles events in September as Wesley Harms and Dennie Olde Kalter won the men’s competitions during...

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Pascaru and Mamyka amongst the winners on the BDO’s first trip to Ukraine

Gabriel Pascaru won the Ukraine Open and provisionally booked his place at the 2020 BDO World Professional Championships as the BDO made its first...

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Harms, Mitchell and Dobromyslova lead the way in Selsey

Wesley Harms, Scott Mitchell and Anastasia Dobromyslova were among the eight different tournament winners in a dramatic weekend at Bunn Leisure in Selsey. Harms and...

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