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Beau Greaves 15 years of age, Hits A 9 Darter At The Balby Bridge Competition!

Beau Greaves 15 years of age, hit a 9 darter in a competition at Balby Bridge last night, just a couple of weeks after...

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Van Gerwen Thrashes Van Barnevled On An Emotional Night In Rotterdam! – Report!

On a night where Raymond van Barneveld has announced his retirement from Darts, The Premier League double header in Rotterdam came to a close...

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Interview With Gary Anderson! – Exclusive – By Carter Guiney

1. Well Gary, first well done on winning the Champions League Of Darts at the weekend, recording brilliant Victories over Michael Van Gerwen in...

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Menzies and Budgen’s Maiden PDC Challenge Tour Title’s! – Report

Here is my Report of Challenge Tour 15 and 16 today from Wigan as Menzies and Budgen claimed their maiden PDC Titles. Challenge Tour 15...

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Jamie Hughes And Krzysztof Ratajski’s Challenge Tour Wins – Report!


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