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    2 months, 1 week ago
    Well after had finals for Mondays and Fridays pub leagues scored will in finals Monday but after seeing everything up all day and running raffles, dart comps etc tiredness got the better of me and couldn’t hit doubles so stayed runner up.
    Friday showed what i can do when I’m a bit more rested and won each finals i played in, ended up taking home runners up singles and captain’s cup as well as most wins in Mondays. Winner of captain’s cup, men’s pairs and most 180s on Friday.
    Also managed to make it to last 16 in Smock grand slam Tuesday, losing to Nathan Derry who ended up winning, managed 3 points which not bad considering first time I’ve entered a grand slam event, hopefully Kerri playing well each week to qualify for the Smock finals in 2/3 months time.
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Max Haley

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Played pub darts league since 2015 and super league since 2017. Currently running Colchester and District darts league, Entered several competition’s across East Anglia, made regional qualifiers for Winmau world masters.


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