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Was the price right for you?

I won't alienate the entire darting world by either saying Price should have been fined more, or not fined at all. This is a...

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Do people hate James Wade?

I'll answer that question to begin with... no, people don't hate James Wade. Some may say they do, but as you know, hate is a...

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Should Barney be in the 2019 Premier League?

It's a big time of the year in darts! No, not the World Championships. It's when we start talking about who should be in the...

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Nastya, but nice

The Russian name Anastassiya shortens to Nastya for friends, and is pronounced like the word 'nastier' in English, which raises a smile when you...

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RVB – End of a dream?

The great English band Half Man Half Biscuit once sang, 'Darts in soap operas, oh so wrong oh so wrong, no-one scoring and there's...

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