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HOW TO – ReWatch The 2018 BDO World Championships In The USA or UK Using A VPN

The BDO World Championships is currently blocked in the USA & UK on Youtube. Here's a simple way to get around the geo block...

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A Perfect Right To Left 180 – Mark McGeeney – 2018 BDO World Final

Mark bashes in this perfect right to left 180 all on the bottom wire. I know all 180's score the same but some just...

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2018 BDO Youth World Final – All The High Checkouts – Justin van Tergouw & Killian Heffernan

An incredible display of finishing power from Justin van Tergouw and Killian Heffernan at the 2018 BDO World Youth final.

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Justin Pipe Coughing Incident v Bernie Smith – 2018 PDC World Championships

Justin Pipe seems to have a well time cough as Bernie Smith was throwing for the match with 56 remaining at the 2018 PDC...

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Cheeky Checkout – Eric Bristow – Exhibition Match 1979

Eric Bristow steps to the oche after chucking 2 darts into the wooden floor. Does he hit the checkout with ONE dart in hand?

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