Mitchell believes remote darts ‘could go a long way’ after first week involved in A Night At The Darts

Scott Mitchell believes that the darts at home innovation ‘could go a long way’ following his first week involved in Modus’ remotely contested A Night At The Darts initiative.

Mitchell, who was a semi-finalist in January’s BDO World Championship, received an invitation last week in order to commence his A Night At The Darts campaign as part of the inaugural field.

Modus Darts’ incentive has proved very popular amongst darts spectators amid the current coronavirus pandemic, hence their decision to extend from one league phase to two last Monday.

It consists of players using webcams and various other pieces of technology to compete from the comfort of their own homes.

Mitchell finished third in the overall A Night At The Darts Week One standings, with the impressive 19-year-old Wessel Nijman topping the group with some scintillating showings.

In an interview with his local newspaper – the Bournemouth Echo – ‘Scotty Dog’ suggested that darts as we know it could be changed forever based on the success of the sport whilst being played remotely.

“I just think the concept has so many levels it can take it to and so many match-ups it can produce,” Mitchell told the Bournemouth Echo. “I think it could go anywhere, I really do.

“I think it could go a long way. We have probably had our eyes closed to it for the past five or six years. Now this has opened our eyes to another concept, is this going to change darts forever? Who knows?

“Whether this is going to last for the months we are in lockdown or whether it is going to go on after that, I’d imagine it could. I’d imagine it’s something that has opened up everybody’s eyes and there are going to be more ideas towards this.

“It’s one of those where the quality is only going to get better as we get new ideas and take it further.”

Despite the product being brought into fruition to provide fans of the sport with some entertainment during these tough times, Mitchell also revealed that the players are being paid for their efforts.

“We are being paid. I class myself as a semi-professional dart player, it’s nice to still be able to work at it and get a few pennies coming in.

“It’s not masses amounts of money or anything like that but it’s nice to keep the bank account ticking along. There is a bonus prize for the winner of the league and the runner-up.”

(Photography: Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics)

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