Modus Icons of Darts: David Evans tops the pile on Day Three as Phase Two resumes

David Evans rekindled his form, topping the pile as the first pool of players returned to action in the Modus Icons of Darts Live League on Wednesday.

Evans, who has performed to a scintillating standard since the inception of the Icons of Darts Live League, won five out of his six matches during an intense session – which featured 21 terrific tussles.

The BDO World Championship quarter-finals began his campaign with a 102.86 average in comfortably seeing off three-time world champion Martin Adams.

He then denied emerging talents Jarred Cole and Keelan Kay. In his win over Devon’s Kay, Evans recorded a 103.81 average compared to the youngster’s impressive 99.19.

The former PDC Challenge Tour event winner continued to average in excess of 95 as he defeated Paul Nicholson, before executing 100 per cent of his attempts on the doubles in an empathic win over Ritchie Edhouse.

Subsequently, Jose Justicia denied Evans an unbeaten day at the office as the Spanish star produced enough in the deciding leg to clinch third place in the table.

Phase Two of the Modus Icons of Darts Live League resumes on Thursday as Tuesday’s champion Arron Monk returns to action.


Week One – Day Three
Wednesday May 6

Martin Adams 0-4 Paul Nicholson
Keelan Kay 1-4 Jarred Cole
Jarred Cole 3-4 Martin Adams
Paul Nicholson 4-2 Keelan Kay
Keelan Kay 4-3 Martin Adams
Jarred Cole 4-1 Paul Nicholson
Martin Adams 1-4 David Evans
Paul Nicholson 3-4 Ritchie Edhouse
Jose Justicia 4-2 Keelan Kay
David Evans 4-2 Jarred Cole
Ritchie Edhouse 1-4 Martin Adams
Paul Nicholson 2-4 Jose Justicia
Keelan Kay 1-4 David Evans
Jarred Cole 4-2 Ritchie Edhouse
Martin Adams 4-1 Jose Justicia
David Evans 4-2 Paul Nicholson
Ritchie Edhouse 1-4 Keelan Kay
Jose Justicia 3-4 Jarred Cole
David Evans 4-2 Ritchie Edhouse
Jose Justicia 4-3 David Evans
Ritchie Edhouse 3-4 Jose Justicia

Week One – Day Four
Thursday May 7

Mike Warburton v Scott Mitchell
Mark Webster v Andy Jenkins
Andy Jenkins v Mike Warburton
Scott Mitchell v Mark Webster
Mark Webster v Mike Warburton
Andy Jenkins v Scott Mitchell
Mike Warburton v Jason Askew
Scott Mitchell v Wessel Nijman
Arron Monk v Mark Webster
Jason Askew v Andy Jenkins
Wessel Nijman v Mike Warburton
Scott Mitchell v Arron Monk
Mark Webster v Jason Askew
Andy Jenkins v Wessel Nijman
Mike Warburton v Arron Monk
Jason Askew v Scott Mitchell
Wessel Nijman v Mark Webster
Arron Monk v Andy Jenkins
Jason Askew v Wessel Nijman
Arron Monk v Jason Askew
Wessel Nijman v Arron Monk

(Photography: Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics)

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