Modus Icons of Darts: Nicholson returns to winner’s circle with success on Day Five

Paul Nicholson returned to the winner’s circle on Day Five of Phase Three in the Modus Icons of Darts Live League.

Nicholson has remained an integral asset within the revolutionary Modus initiative since its inception, and ended his title drought on Friday afternoon with five victories from a possible six.

The former Players Championship Finals winner attended PDC Qualifying School in January in the hope of returning to the professional circuit but fell short, and has featured in the Icons of Darts Live League in the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic.

Nicholson commenced his campaign with four maximums in seeing off former world youth champion James Hubbard despite squandering 12 darts at double, before thrashing Wednesday’s winner David Evans with a doubling masterclass.

After converting 100 per cent of his attempts on the outer ring and impressive finishes of 110 and 137 against Evans, Nicholson continued his winning streak with another 5-1 victory – this time over three-time world champion Martin Adams.

It was a below-par performance from the newly-turned 64-year-old, with Nicholson jumping all over his display, averaging over the 90 mark himself and pinning 50 per cent of his attempts at double.

Global sensation Fallon Sherrock then inflicted Nicholson’s first and only defeat of the afternoon as she registered a 94.17 average, pinned three 180s and five of her eight shots on the outer ring.

In terms of statistics, it was Nicholson’s most prolific performance of the afternoon as he clocked a 96.26 average, though, handfuls of squandered doubles proved pivotal and Sherrock crossed the winning line.

The 41-year-old immediately returned to winning ways as he pulled off a remarkable comeback to edge past Monday’s winner Scott Marsh.

Kent’s Marsh constructed a 4-1 advantage, only for Nicholson to miraculously reel off four legs in succession to cement his place at the top of the pile with untaken opportunities from Marsh proving decisive in the eventual outcome.

Elsewhere, Sherrock, who remained within a chance of topping the table heading into the latter stages of the afternoon, surrendered to back-to-back loses at the hands of Marsh and Adams to eventually finish fourth in the standings.

Above the former Women’s World Trophy champion were Evans and Adams, while Hubbard avoided a rock bottom finish for a third successive day as Marsh picked up the wooden spoon this time around.


Week One – Day Five
Friday June 5

James Hubbard 3-5 Paul Nicholson
David Evans 4-5 James Hubbard
Paul Nicholson 5-1 David Evans
Scott Marsh 4-5 James Hubbard
Martin Adams 1-5 Paul Nicholson
Fallon Sherrock 2-5 David Evans
James Hubbard 1-5 Martin Adams
Paul Nicholson 2-5 Fallon Sherrock
David Evans 5-2 Scott Marsh
Fallon Sherrock 5-3 James Hubbard
Scott Marsh 4-5 Paul Nicholson
Martin Adams 1-5 David Evans
Scott Marsh 5-2 Fallon Sherrock
Martin Adams 5-2 Scott Marsh
Fallon Sherrock 1-5 Martin Adams

(Featured Image: Global Darts)

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