Modus Live League: Keane Barry beats Martin Adams to finish top on second appearance

Irish youngster Keane Barry sealed a maiden Modus Icons of Darts title on just his second appearance in Phase Three of the online competition.

The BDO World Youth champion finished second on Thursday on his debut, but went one better on the fifth day of Week Four by seeing off three-time World Champion Martin Adams in a straight shootout in the day’s final contest.

Barry and Adams had both won four out of four, and the 18-year-old came from 3-1 down in the deciding match to finish top of the table.

The day got underway with a closely-fought win for Ritchie Edhouse over Fallon Sherrock, ‘Madhouse’ hitting the doubles when it mattered in the last two legs to win 5-3.

Sherrock seemed to be affected by that against Andy Jenkins as she went down 5-2, missing 10 darts at doubles, before Jenkins squandered a dart to make it two straight wins, falling to a 5-4 defeat against Edhouse.

Milton Keynes thrower Sherrock couldn’t get going as she lost 5-2 to Jarred Cole, while Adams recovered from Wednesday’s internet problems in style to beat Edhouse 5-1 with a 103 average.

Barry’s first game was up next, and he thrashed Jenkins 5-0 before edging past Edhouse 5-4 soon after; Adams beating Sherrock 5-2 in between.

Former World Championship semi-finalist Jenkins got his first win of the day against English youngster Cole, taking it 5-3.

Barry posted three 180s and a 100 average to beat Sherrock 5-3, before Cole missed two match darts against Edhouse and the former Tour Card holder punished him to move onto six points.

Adams whitewashed Jenkins to give his chances a real boost, but Barry came back fighting with a 5-1 victory against Cole.

Cole then averaged 10 points more than ‘Wolfie’ in their crucial encounter, but the Lakeside legend had the bottle in the big moments to win 5-2 and set up the winner-takes-all contest.

The 5-3 win for Barry further established his standing as one of the game’s most promising youngsters, and he returns on Saturday alongside the likes of Mark Webster and Scott Mitchell looking to do the double.


Week Four – Day Five
Friday, June 26
Fallon Sherrock 3-5 Ritchie Edhouse
Andy Jenkins 5-2 Fallon Sherrock
Ritchie Edhouse 5-4 Andy Jenkins
Jarred Cole 5-2 Fallon Sherrock
Martin Adams 5-1 Ritchie Edhouse
Keane Barry 5-0 Andy Jenkins
Fallon Sherrock 2-5 Martin Adams
Ritchie Edhouse 4-5 Keane Barry
Andy Jenkins 5-3 Jarred Cole
Keane Barry 5-3 Fallon Sherrock
Jarred Cole 4-5 Ritchie Edhouse
Martin Adams 5-0 Andy Jenkins
Jarred Cole 1-5 Keane Barry
Martin Adams 5-2 Jarred Cole
Keane Barry 5-3 Martin Adams

League Standings
1. Keane Barry P5 W5 L0 LD +14 Pts 10
2. Martin Adams P5 W4 L1 LD +13 Pts 8
3. Ritchie Edhouse P5 W3 L2 LD -1 Pts 6
4. Andy Jenkins P5 W2 L3 LD -6 Pts 4
5. Jarred Cole P5 W1 L4 LD -7 Pts 2
6. Fallon Sherrock P5 W0 L5 LD -13 Pts 0

Week Four – Day Six
Saturday, June 27
Mark Webster v Paul Nicholson
Mike Warburton v Mark Webster
Paul Nicholson v Mike Warburton
Stephen Burton v Mark Webster
Scott Mitchell v Paul Nicholson
Keane Barry v Mike Warburton
Mark Webster v Scott Mitchell
Paul Nicholson v Keane Barry
Mike Warburton v Stephen Burton
Stephen Burton v Paul Nicholson
Scott Mitchell v Mike Warburton
Stephen Burton v Keane Barry
Scott Mitchell v Stephen Burton
Keane Barry v Scott Mitchell


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Picture: Chris Sargeant/TipTopPics

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