VIP Loyalty Rewards

Each month we will hold a VIP Tournament for all our awesome members.

* PLEASE NOTE – We will mix tournaments up so it’s fair for all VIP members. We will hold both Steel Tip & Nexus tournaments. as number of tournaments will be for players of a certain standard to make them competitive and give every member a chance.

Each tournament will have either a cash prize or a darts prize.

Once you have been a VIP Member for 12 months we will send you this awesome 12 month T-Shirt.

* PLEASE NOTE – VIP Members must be a member for a whole year without cancelling their membership. If you cancel your membership and then reactivate it, you will need to start from scratch again.

Be Part Of Our Yearly VIP Meet Up

This years event is scheduled to be on 13th November 2021.

* PLEASE NOTE – VIP Members must be a member for at least two months before this event. If you sign up a month before than you can still attend but will be charged a £15 fee.

Due to the amount of members we have, unfortunately only VIP members can attend and no guests.

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