Opening PDC Asian Tour weekend postponed due to ongoing coronavirus

PDC Asian Tour 1 and 2 were set to be held in Seoul come the end of this month, though, due to the ongoing coronavirus, the opening weekend has been postponed.

As of Friday morning, a total of 24 cases of the life-threatening virus had been discovered in South Korea – the country in which the Asian Tour was set to commence.

The Professional Darts Asia announcement comes less than a week after they confirmed that weekends four and five in China and Taiwan respectively were placed on hold pending.

Their statement read: “Considering the current coronavirus situation, the number of affected patients keep growing in all Asian regions and all flights keep being cancelled.

“For all players safety and health, we have decided to postpone Asian Tour Seoul. Sorry for any inconvenience, thanks for understanding, and stay safe.”

Kobe’s Sanbo Hall in Japan will now host the opening weekend of the 2020 circuit from March 28-29, with flights across Asia becoming hard to come by.

As for the Seoul double-header, that will become the third weekend, while Leyte in the Philippines will host the two events sandwiched in between that and the opening weekend in Japan.


Tour 1-2 Kobe: March 28-29, Kobe Sanbo-Hall, Kobe

Tour 3-4 Tacloban: April 18-19, Leyte Academic Center, Pawing, Palo, Leyte

Tour 5-6 Seoul: May 9 – 10, PDK Darts Stadium, Seoul

Tour 7-8 TBC

Tour 9-10 TBC

Tour 11-12 TBC

Tour 13-14 TBC

Players are advised to keep checking the PDC Asia website for updates.

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