PDC Challenge Tour: Sherrock amongst 205 players competing in Barnsley return

Fallon Sherrock has been named amongst 205 players set to compete upon this weekend’s PDC Challenge Tour return in Barnsley.

The opening four Challenge Tour events of the season took place in late January, but the coronavirus pandemic has since hampered further tournaments taking place.

A World Championship spot and two coveted professional tour cards will be up for grabs across the weekend, with six events going ahead at the Barnsley Metrodome.

Temperature checks will be carried out upon players’ arrival to the venue, with face masks needing to be worn and social distancing adhered to throughout the three days.

Global sensation Sherrock headlines a number of female throwers in Barnsley, joining the likes of Corrine Hammond, Kirsty Hutchinson and Rachael Brooks.

Current Order of Merit leader Scott Mitchell also competes alongside second-placed Rob Collins, with the pair hoping to keep their positions come Sunday evening.

A number of players have also made the journey from abroad, with Thibault Tricole headlining the travellers as the the Challenge Tour’s first Frenchman.

The Challenge Tour recommences on Friday morning, with the first of six £10,000 tournaments taking place in South Yorkshire.


Challenge Tour 5-10
October 9-12
Barnsley Metrodome

Ansell, Frankie
Armstrong, Darren
Askew, Jason
Atkins, Jamie
Ayres, Daniel
Barilli, Mark
Barnfather, Matthew
Barry, Keane
Barstow, Chas
Batchelor, Carl
Baulcomb, Max
Beasley, Steven
Bent, Christopher
Bevan, Ben
Beveridge, Darren
Blyth, David
Boon, Nathan
Bowman, Adam
Brooks, Rachel
Burness, Kevin
Burnett, Richie
Burton, Stephen
Carr, David
Carragher, Francis
Carroll, Shaun
Carter, Jake
Carter, Keith
Caven, Jamie
Cheeseman, Ben
Clark, Jamie
Clarke, Ricky
Claydon, Brett
Clifton, James
Cole, Jarred
Collins, Rob
Cope, Aiden
Coulson, Derek
Cox, Daniel
Craddock, Ryan
Craven, Chris
Culleton, Niall
Davenport, Perry
Davey, John
Davidson, Andrew
Day, Daniel
de Graaf, Jeffrey
Dennant, Matthew
Devine, Adrian
Doets, Kevin
Duncan, James
Edhouse, Ritchie
Edwards, David
Edwards, Martin
Elia, Alexander
Ellis, Robbie
Engstrom, Johan
Evans, David
Evans, Kieran
Everett, Dale
Ewing, Sean
Fathers, Jason
Finch, Matthew
France, Wayne
Francis, Callum
Frost, Mark
Fullwell, Nick
Gallimore, Stephen
Garcia, Kevin
Gilding, Andrew
Graham, Mark
Green, Robbie
Gregory, Thomas
Griffin, Rhys
Gwynne, Jacob
Hallas, Brian
Hamilton, Carl
Hammond, Corrine
Hansen, Niels-Joergen
Harbert, Steven
Harrington, Ryan
Harris, Cody
Hayden, Rhys
Hazel, Ben
Hine, Steve
Hogarth, Ryan
Hogg, Chris
Holgate, Ashley
Holloway, Paul
Hood, Justin
Hope, Scott
Hubbard, James
Huckvale, Adam
Hudson, Peter
Hunter, Sam
Hurrell, James
Hutchinson, Kirsty
Jenkins, Andy
Jenkinson, Adam
Jennings, Nick
Jones, Jake
Jones, Stephen
Jopling, Ian
Key, Simon
Kirk, Aden
Konterman, Arjan
Ladley, David
Landman, Chris
Lane, Kevin
Lawrence, Mark
Lawson, James
Lishman, Tommy
Long, Alex
Lovely, Eddie
Lovely, Thomas
Lumley, Derek
Main, Jack
Marsh, Scott
Marshall, Ray
Mathews, Chris
Matthews, Shaun
McDine, Kevin
McKirdy, Jimmy
Menzies, Cameron
Meulenmeesters, Erik
Mitchell, Peter
Mitchell, Scott
Monk, Arron
Mooijman, Roemer
Morrison, Alexander
Mould, Adam
Murphy, Russell
Neads, David
Newell, Tony
Newton, Wes
Nicholson, David
O’Boyle, Martin
O’Shea, John
Osborne, Colin
Owen, Robert
Painter, Kevin
Palmer, Ryan
Parletti, Dave
Paterson, Josie
Penney, Danny
Peters, Patrick
Pilgrim, Darryl
Plumb, Ian
Poggi, Mehdi
Poole, Michael
Portela, Diogo
Price, Shane
Pride, Lewis
Prins, Dave
Procter, Tony
Quantock, Chris
Quenby, Ben
Rafferty, Nathan
Raman, Brian
Ramdajal, Anoop
Rasztovits, Michael
Richardson, James
Richardson, Joshua
Rickwood, Robert
Ritchie, Greg
Robinson, Jamie
Rodriguez, Rusty-Jake
Roelofs, Owen
Rutter, Shaun
Sherrock, Fallon
Singh Nagi, Coni
Smith, Gavin
Smith, Justin
Smith, Lee
Smith, Luke
Stafford, Gary
Stocker, Mark
Taylor, Dom
Taylor, Scott
Thomas, Martin
Thompson, James
Treadgold, Nathan
Tricole, Thibault
Turner, Martyn
Twell, Ross
Usher, Graham
van der Wal, Jitse
Veenstra, Richard
Verberk, Maikel
Vermeulen, Wilco
Vincent, Jack
Walters, Scott
Whitworth, Lee
Whybrow, Brian
Williams, Jim
Williams, Lee
Williams, Lewis
Williams, Scott
Wilson, Kevin
Wilson, Mark
Wilson, Stu
Woodhouse, James
Yates, Luke
Young, James
van Veen, Gian
van den Boogaard, Patrick

Prize Fund
Winner – £2,000
Runner-Up – £2,000
Semi-Finals – £500
Quarter-Finals – £300
Last 16 – £200
Last 32 – £100
Last 64 – £50
Total – £10,000

(Featured Image: Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

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