PDC Home Tour II: Meikle remains unbeaten as Scandinavian stars secure success

Ryan Meikle, Marko Kantele and James Wilson topped the tables as the next batch of PDC Home Tour II groups took place remotely earlier this week.

Following the success of Mickey Mansell, Jamie Lewis and Mike De Decker amongst others in the previous round of groups, an additional ten places in the second phase were secured.

Experience was joined by youth in prevailing on Monday afternoon as former BDO World Championship finalist James Wilson topped the standings, in front of Andy Hamilton and Bradley Brooks.

Wilson consistently averaged around the 85 mark throughout his six matches, with his only defeat coming against three-time major finalist Hamilton.

Ted Evetts faces a nail-bitting wait to see if he will progress to the second phase after pipping reigning Czech Darts Open champion Jamie Hughes to a fourth-placed finish.

Scotland’s William Borland ended up in fifth despite managing four points, while the winless Austrian Harald Leitinger finished at the foot of the table.

Scandinavia proved extremely successful on Tuesday afternoon as both table-topper Marko Kantele and Sweden’s Daniel Larsson both secured their Phase Two places.

In a group consisting of seven different nationalities, from Hong Kong to Greece, Kantele and Larsson were joined by Australia’s Damon Heta in the second phase.

Kantele representing Finland during the World Cup of Darts (Photography: PDC Europe)

After disregarding the inaugural edition of the Home Tour, Finland’s Kantele dropped only two points throughout an almost invincible afternoon, with only Larsson getting the better of him.

South Africa’s Devon Petersen also sealed his spot in the subsequent phase by virtue of his much superior leg difference compared to the other previous fourth-placed finishers.

Wednesday then saw six-time Development Tour event winner Ryan Meikle breeze into the second phase with six straight victories, and an unbeaten run spanning across the day.

Meikle managed high checkouts of 146 and 155 en route to securing top spot, while both Ross Smith and Germany’s Gabriel Clemens also progressed.

Clemens, fourth-placed Luke Woodhouse and Ron Meulenkamp in fifth were separated by only leg difference, with Woodhouse now waiting to see if he has done enough.

William O’Connor, who was similar to Kantele making his first competitive online darts appearance, finished rock bottom after a winless streak, with Dutchman Vincent van der Meer ending up in sixth.

The second staging of the PDC Home Tour resumes on Monday September 21, with a break now taking place to cater for the upcoming Autumn Series in Niedernhausen.


Phase One – Group Four
Monday September 7

William Borland 5-1 Harald Leitinger
Bradley Brooks 5-3 Jamie Hughes
Andy Hamilton 5-0 Ted Evetts
James Wilson 5-4 William Borland
Andy Hamilton 5-3 Harald Leitinger
Bradley Brooks 5-4 Ted Evetts
James Wilson 5-1 Jamie Hughes
William Borland 5-1 Andy Hamilton
Bradley Brooks 5-0 Harald Leitinger
Ted Evetts 5-0 Jamie Hughes
Andy Hamilton 5-2 James Wilson
Bradley Brooks 5-3 William Borland
Jamie Hughes 5-2 Harald Leitinger
James Wilson 5-3 Ted Evetts
Andy Hamilton 5-1 Bradley Brooks
Jamie Hughes 5-1 William Borland
Ted Evetts 5-2 Harald Leitinger
James Wilson 5-3 Bradley Brooks
Jamie Hughes 5-3 Andy Hamilton
Ted Evetts 5-3 William Borland
James Wilson 5-3 Harald Leitinger

Group Standings
1 James Wilson P6 W5 L1 DIFF +8 PTS 10
2 Andy Hamilton P6 W4 L2 DIFF +8 PTS 8
3 Bradley Brooks P6 W4 L2 DIFF +4 PTS 8
4 Ted Evetts P6 W3 L3 DIFF +2 PTS 6
5 Jamie Hughes P6 W3 L3 DIFF -2 PTS 6
6 William Borland P6 W2 L4 DIFF -1 PTS 4
7 Harald Leitinger P6 W0 L6 DIFF -19 PTS 0

Phase One – Group Five
Tuesday September 8

Damon Heta 5-3 Daniel Larsson
Marko Kantele 5-3 John Michael
Kai Fan Leung 5-3 Devon Petersen
Ryan Joyce 5-4 Damon Heta
Daniel Larsson 5-4 Kai Fan Leung
Devon Petersen 5-0 John Michael
Marko Kantele 5-2 Ryan Joyce
Damon Heta 5-2 Kai Fan Leung
Daniel Larsson 5-0 John Michael
Marko Kantele 5-1 Devon Petersen
Kai Fan Leung 5-1 Ryan Joyce
Damon Heta 5-0 John Michael
Daniel Larsson 5-2 Marko Kantele
Devon Petersen 5-1 Ryan Joyce
Kai Fan Leung 5-3 John Michael
Marko Kantele 5-1 Damon Heta
Devon Petersen 5-1 Daniel Larsson
John Michael 5-4 Ryan Joyce
Marko Kantele 5-4 Kai Fan Leung
Damon Heta 5-4 Devon Petersen
Daniel Larsson 5-0 Ryan Joyce

Group Standings
1 Marko Kantele P6 W5 L1 DIFF +11 PTS 10
2 Daniel Larsson P6 W4 L2 DIFF +8 PTS 8
3 Damon Heta P6 W4 L2 DIFF +6 PTS 8
4 Devon Petersen P6 W3 L3 DIFF +6 PTS 6
5 Kai Fan Leung P6 W3 L3 DIFF +3 PTS 6
6 Ryan Joyce P6 W1 L5 DIFF -16 PTS 2
7 John Michael P6 W1 L5 DIFF -18 PTS 2

Phase One – Group Six
Wednesday September 9

Gabriel Clemens 5-1 Vincent van der Meer
Ron Meulenkamp 5-2 William O’Connor
Ross Smith 5-1 Luke Woodhouse
Ryan Meikle 5-2 Vincent van der Meer
Ross Smith 5-1 Gabriel Clemens
Ron Meulenkamp 5-2 Luke Woodhouse
Ryan Meikle 5-3 William O’Connor
Ross Smith 5-2 Vincent van der Meer
Gabriel Clemens 5-1 Ron Meulenkamp
Luke Woodhouse 5-2 William O’Connor
Ryan Meikle 5-3 Ross Smith
Ron Meulenkamp 5-1 Vincent van der Meer
Gabriel Clemens 5-1 William O’Connor
Ryan Meikle 5-4 Luke Woodhouse
Ross Smith 5-2 Ron Meulenkamp
Vincent van der Meer 5-1 William O’Connor
Luke Woodhouse 5-3 Gabriel Clemens
Ryan Meikle 5-1 Ron Meulenkamp
Ross Smith 5-1 William O’Connor
Luke Woodhouse 5-1 Vincent van der Meer
Ryan Meikle 5-2 Gabriel Clemens

Group Standings
1 Ryan Meikle P6 W6 L0 DIFF +15 PTS 12
2 Ross Smith P6 W5 L1 DIFF +16 PTS 10
3 Gabriel Clemens P6 W3 L3 DIFF +3 PTS 8
4 Luke Woodhouse P6 W3 L3 DIFF +1 PTS 6
5 Ron Meulenkamp P6 W3 L3 DIFF -1 PTS 6
6 Vincent van der Meer P6 W2 L4 DIFF -14 PTS 2
7 William O’Connor P6 W0 L6 DIFF -20 PTS 0

(Featured Image: Sven Mandel/PDC Europe)

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