PDC Home Tour II: Ratajski and Huybrechts included as final batch of Phase Two qualifiers are confirmed

Krzysztof Ratajski headlined the group winners as the final batch of Phase Two qualifiers in the PDC Home Tour II were confirmed.

Ratajski pipped Kim Huybrechts to top spot on leg difference on Thursday afternoon to make amends for his early exit on his last Home Tour outing a few months ago.

‘The Polish Eagle’ was defeated by Belgium’s Huybrechts, but emphatic victories over the other five participants meant that Ratajski would top the pile.

Huybrechts, Stephen Bunting and Carl Wilkinson would also progress, while John Michael, Matthew Edgar and Steve Beaton would fail to come through Group Ten.

Welshman Nick Kenny shined with six straight victories on Wednesday to progress to the second phase of the remotely contested tournament, edging Chris Dobey to top spot.

It was a second Home Tour II appearance in three days for Kenny as he was recalled to action and landed emphatic 5-1 victories over both Dobey and Ricky Evans in the process.

Second-placed Dobey also progressed after sealing four wins, while Kenny’s fellow countryman Barrie Bates became the fourth Welshman to book his place in the proceeding phase.

Despite finishing fourth, Evans exits alongside Callan Rydz, Conan Whitehead and Krzysztof Kciuk due to his inferior leg difference compared to surrounding groups.

Meanwhile, Monday afternoon saw another Welshman secure their place in Phase Two as former Austrian Darts Open champion Jonny Clayton prevailed.

Table-topper Clayton pipped three Dutchman in an extremely closely contested Group Seven on Monday, collating four victories to his name alongside Jermaine Wattimena, Jeffrey de Zwaan and Ron Meulenkamp.

The aforementioned quartet were separated by leg difference only during the tightest day thus far in the second staging of professional home-streamed darts.

Only Wattimena and Meulenkamp defeated Clayton, with the latter recording a blistering 107.56 average and four maximums to do so in his penultimate match.

Meulenkamp was beaten to immediate qualification by his countrymen De Zwaan and Wattimena due to their leg difference being marginally superior.

Tuesday then saw reigning world youth champion Luke Humphries clinch six consecutive victories to seal his place in the second phase from his Berkshire home.

Humphries remarkably dropped a mere eight legs in his six matches, including averages in excess of 104 in thrashing both Kai Fan Leung and four-time women’s world champion Lisa Ashton.

Hong Kong’s Leung prevailed with a second-placed finish, alongside German youngster Martin Schindler.

Ashton endured a rock-bottom ending, enduring an exit from the tournament with Gary Blades and Adrian Gray, while Jamie Hughes finished fourth.

Phase One of PDC Home Tour II action now comes to a close, with the second phase commencing on Tuesday morning.


Phase One – Group Seven
Monday September 21

Ron Meulenkamp 5-2 Jeffrey de Zwaan
Jermaine Wattimena 5-0 Stephen Bunting
Jonny Clayton 5-2 Nick Kenny
Jeffrey de Zwaan 5-0 William Borland
Ron Meulenkamp 5-2 Nick Kenny
Jermaine Wattimena 5-3 Jonny Clayton
William Borland 5-4 Stephen Bunting
Jeffrey de Zwaan 5-1 Nick Kenny
Jermaine Wattimena 5-2 Ron Meulenkamp
Jonny Clayton 5-0 Stephen Bunting
Nick Kenny 5-0 William Borland
Jeffrey de Zwaan 5-4 Jermaine Wattimena
Stephen Bunting 5-3 Ron Meulenkamp
Jonny Clayton 5-1 William Borland
Nick Kenny 5-3 Jermaine Wattimena
Jeffrey de Zwaan 5-2 Stephen Bunting
Ron Meulenkamp 5-3 Jonny Clayton
Jermaine Wattimena 5-3 William Borland
Nick Kenny 5-2 Stephen Bunting
Jonny Clayton 5-3 Jeffrey de Zwaan
Ron Meulenkamp 5-2 William Borland

Group Standings
1 Jonny Clayton P6 W4 L2 DIFF +10 PTS 8
2 Jermaine Wattimena P6 W4 L2 DIFF +9 PTS 8
3 Jeffrey de Zwaan P6 W4 L2 DIFF +8 PTS 8
4 Ron Meulenkamp P6 W4 L2 DIFF +6 PTS 8
5 Nick Kenny P6 W3 L3 DIFF +0 PTS 6
6 Stephen Bunting P6 W2 L4 DIFF -15 PTS 4
7 William Borland P6 W2 L4 DIFF -18 PTS 4

Phase One – Group Eight
Tuesday September 22

Martin Schindler 5-4 Gary Blades
Adrian Gray 5-1 Jamie Hughes
Luke Humphries 5-0 Lisa Ashton
Kai Fan Leung 5-3 Martin Schindler
Gary Blades 5-2 Lisa Ashton
Luke Humphries 5-3 Jamie Hughes
Kai Fan Leung 5-2 Adrian Gray
Martin Schindler 5-4 Lisa Ashton
Jamie Hughes 5-1 Gary Blades
Luke Humphries 5-1 Adrian Gray
Kai Fan Leung 5-2 Lisa Ashton
Martin Schindler 5-1 Jamie Hughes
Gary Blades 5-1 Adrian Gray
Luke Humphries 5-1 Kai Fan Leung
Jamie Hughes 5-0 Lisa Ashton
Martin Schindler 5-4 Adrian Gray
Luke Humphries 5-0 Gary Blades
Kai Fan Leung 5-4 Jamie Hughes
Lisa Ashton 5-2 Adrian Gray
Luke Humphries 5-3 Martin Schindler
Kai Fan Leung 5-0 Gary Blades

Group Standings
1 Luke Humphries P6 W6 L0 DIFF +22 PTS 12
2 Kai Fan Leung P6 W5 L1 DIFF +10 PTS 10
3 Martin Schindler P6 W4 L2 DIFF +3 PTS 8
4 Jamie Hughes P6 W2 L4 DIFF -2 PTS 4
5 Gary Blades P6 W2 L4 DIFF -8 PTS 4
6 Adrian Gray P6 W1 L5 DIFF -11 PTS 2
7 Lisa Ashton P6 W1 L5 DIFF -14 PTS 2

Phase One – Group Nine
Wednesday September 23

Ricky Evans 5-3 Krzysztof Kciuk
Barrie Bates 5-2 Conan Whitehead
Nick Kenny 5-4 Callan Rydz
Chris Dobey 5-2 Krzysztof Kciuk
Nick Kenny 5-1 Ricky Evans
Callan Rydz 5-3 Conan Whitehead
Chris Dobey 5-0 Barrie Bates
Nick Kenny 5-3 Krzysztof Kciuk
Conan Whitehead 5-2 Ricky Evans
Barrie Bates 5-2 Callan Rydz
Nick Kenny 5-1 Chris Dobey
Conan Whitehead 5-3 Krzysztof Kciuk
Barrie Bates 5-2 Ricky Evans
Chris Dobey 5-2 Callan Rydz
Nick Kenny 5-3 Conan Whitehead
Krzysztof Kciuk 5-3 Barrie Bates
Ricky Evans 5-3 Callan Rydz
Chris Dobey 5-1 Conan Whitehead
Nick Kenny 5-2 Barrie Bates
Callan Rydz 5-2 Krzysztof Kciuk
Ricky Evans 5-3 Chris Dobey

League Standings
1 Nick Kenny P6 W6 L0 DIFF +16 PTS 12
2 Chris Dobey P6 W4 L2 DIFF +9 PTS 8
3 Barrie Bates P6 W3 L3 DIFF -1 PTS 6
4 Ricky Evans P6 W3 L3 DIFF -4 PTS 6
5 Callan Rydz P6 W2 L4 DIFF -4 PTS 4
6 Conan Whitehead P6 W2 L4 DIFF -6 PTS 4
7 Krzysztof Kciuk P6 W1 L5 DIFF -10 PTS 2

Phase One – Group 10
Thursday September 24

Kim Huybrechts 5-1 John Michael
Krzysztof Ratajski 5-2 Carl Wilkinson
Stephen Bunting 5-1 Steve Beaton
Kim Huybrechts 5-2 Matthew Edgar
John Michael 5-4 Stephen Bunting
Krzysztof Ratajski 5-0 Steve Beaton
Matthew Edgar 5-4 Carl Wilkinson
Stephen Bunting 5-3 Kim Huybrechts
Krzysztof Ratajski 5-1 John Michael
Carl Wilkinson 5-0 Steve Beaton
Stephen Bunting 5-1 Matthew Edgar
Kim Huybrechts 5-4 Krzysztof Ratajski
Carl Wilkinson 5-3 John Michael
Steve Beaton 5-1 Matthew Edgar
Krzysztof Ratajski 5-3 Stephen Bunting
Kim Huybrechts 5-3 Carl Wilkinson
John Michael 5-1 Steve Beaton
Krzysztof Ratajski 5-1 Matthew Edgar
Carl Wilkinson 5-3 Stephen Bunting
Kim Huybrechts 5-1 Steve Beaton
John Michael 5-3 Matthew Edgar

League Standings
1 Krzysztof Ratajski P6 W5 L1 DIFF +17 PTS 10
2 Kim Huybrechts P6 W5 L1 DIFF +8 PTS 10
3 Stephen Bunting P6 W3 L3 DIFF +5 PTS 6
4 Carl Wilkinson P6 W3 L3 DIFF +3 PTS 6
5 John Michael P6 W3 L3 DIFF -3 PTS 6
6 Matthew Edgar P6 W1 L5 DIFF -16 PTS 2
7 Steve Beaton P6 W1 L5 DIFF -18 PTS 2

(Featured Image: Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics)

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