PDC Masters – 1st Round Adrian Lewis vs Peter Wright

The PDC Q School has been and gone…Now we are steadily on to the first PDC event in the 2019 calendar – The 2019 BetVictor Masters.

The Masters open to the worlds ranked top 16 players is a great format for me and it is a long format, so plenty of legs from each of the matches. BUT the one match I want to see in the first round is Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright versus Adrian ‘Jackpot’ Lewis.

The match up will be a great indicator for the start of their season.

They each need to get a good result for morale and confidence, for a leg up, to get back to winning ways, to put the past behind and concentrate on the now, to show how good they really are, to give the rest something to think about, to get back to where they were. Put it lightly there are a lot of reasons why this should be a great game.

Both have had ups and downs in the last few years. Peter Wright did not have a good world championship, but then apart from reaching the final once, he has always under performed by his great high standards at Ally Pally.

Adrian Lewis flattered to deceive in my eyes, he had a good year on the Pro Tour finishing 7th (I think) in the yearly rankings, which shows his floor form is getting back up there – but he didn’t perform in the majors. Don’t forget Lewis is a two time world champion, multiple major winner, though even he has to learn how to get back to winning ways. He had a bad 2017 which led to him being dropped for the 2018 premier league, but he was injured and needed time to heal, to get back to fitness so he could do the regular practice every day to get back to form.  It seems now that Lewis is fit, and I am expecting a good 2019 for him.

Peter Wright needs to get his mojo back – tinkering with his darts it seems has affected his confidence and belief. I hope he wipes the slate clean and settles on a barrel and goes forward with it. He won a few tournaments yes over the last few years and beat MVG in a few games, but consistency was not there – not only from tournament to tournament but from game to game and leg to leg. It seems he will never be happy with the darts. The first thing anyone playing darts should feel from playing in the pub to playing on the major stage is happiness with the darts you are throwing – otherwise you are fighting a losing battle. It will break down under pressure – your mental state isn’t there. I do hope that Wright settles on a barrel and sticks with it – build up like building blocks, happy with the arrows, happy with the game. He has said he has been practising since he went out of the PDC world championship – so maybe he might turn up – but who knows – its a lottery with Peter unfortunately.

The result of this match will not define the season for both of them, but it will show where their game and form is now.  The winner of this plays either Michael Smith or his practice partner Ian Diamond White – both dangerous players in their own right.

For me I am going with a Lewis win here, as I think he is back to fitness and has total confidence in the arrows he is using – that might just edge it for me. But as a fan of his game, I’d love to see Peter Wright back to where he was.

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