Phil Taylor hints at comeback?

Darts legend and 16 times PDC World Champion Phil Taylor has hinted about a potential return to the sport at the recent Target Darts TargetLaunch19.
‘The Power’ was talking to Phil Barrs from Live Darts about the new Swiss Point system and revealed that he will be practicing with them and if he gets any ‘good’ he may come back.
It’s hard not to imagine Phil Taylor coming back and winning again, but the standard has increased considerably year on year and if Phil was not dedicated to practice as he once was, I don’t think he would win as much as he did in his heyday.
Phil has been on the exhibition circuit for the last 18 months and has been getting quite a good payday with no pressure to perform to his high standards.  He has continually dismissed talks of a comeback but he did intimate to Phil Barrs that he got any ‘good’ he may return…
Taylor told Live Darts: “You practice on the practice board then you go onto the match board and it’s never the same.
“For me, I was going above the treble. Now I can change the points within probably 10 or 15 seconds, just like changing flights.
“So if I was dropping on top of the wire, I could have put a smaller point in or a larger point and maybe just dropped it down a fraction.
“That makes all the difference between hitting 60 and hitting a 180.
“The one thing being with Target is, we keep pushing forward and trying to improve.
“I’m going to practice with these, and if I get good, I’m going to come back, trust me.”
Meanwhile, Taylor’s fellow Target teammate Raymond van Barneveld is now entering the final chapter of his glittering career, and ‘The Power’ believes his long-time rival will relish playing without pressure come January.
He added: “I think he is just going to go out and enjoy it now.
“He was saying to me: “Have you missed it?” and I said “No I haven’t actually” because it’s the amount of travelling when you’re tired week-in, week-out.
“I’m nearly 60 now so it’s harder for me than it is for younger kids playing the game.
“I think Raymond will enjoy the retirement and enjoy working and making a bit of money for himself without any pressure.”

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