Phillips makes it two from two on the JDC UK Tour

Brad Phillips makes it two from two on the JDC circuit after claiming another £150 in prize money at Riley’s Worcester this afternoon.

Phillips, a 14-year old from Harlow in South-East England, continued his JDC UK Tour unbeaten run after winning the opening event last month in Dorchester.

The Harlow-based future star opened the day with two whitewashes over Sam Aitkens and John Smith before averaging over 70 as he edged past James Foster.

Phillips then once again scrapped through to the next round with a 3-2 win over Lennon Craddock despite his opponent averaging three points higher than him. A outstanding performance, average of 76.3 and 36% checkout rate put the England international into the final. The Harlow darter averaged over 100 in two of the six legs played in this encounter.

Phillips stormed into a 4-0 lead in his second final in the space of a month before his opponent snatched one leg back. But, the youngster pinned double 12 to take his JDC winnings up to £300 – alright for a 14-year old lad.

The Modus Junior Darts Corporation UK Tour will return on the 28th of April at the Cueball Club in Derby. The winner of the event will become a JDC Allstar and earn their spot at the finals day taking place at the JDC Headquarters in Bristol in December.

JDC UK Tour 2

Saturday 24 March 2018

First Round

Lennon Craddock 3-0 Joshua Powell
Callum Boland 3-0 Frankish Marrie
James Foster 3-0 Adam Turner
Tavis Dudeney 3-2 Troy Brown
Brad Phillips 3-0 Sam Aitkens
John Smith 3-1 Liam Mason
Sam Sherwood 3-0 Owen Cuthbert

Mitchell McCarthy 3-1 Charlie Large
Leon Littler 3-0 Jayden Harper
Keelan Kay 3-1 Jacob Perrins
Luke Littler 3-2 Zac Griffiths
Alex Gurr 3-1 Freddie Francis
Harry Martin 3-0 Sarjan Sidhu
Lewis Gurney 3-0 Jack Brooks
Mitchell Leeming 3-1 Liam Brown

Alfie Jacques 3-1 Pavel Petrov
Anthony Richardson 3-0 Amy Phillips
Kyle Cooper 3-2 Christian Taylor
Kaelib Gormley 3-2 Harry Davenport
Henry Coates 3-0 Leuan Halsall
Sean Ashburner 3-1 Alfie Head
Cameron Gill 3-1 Sam Worth
Ross Gilder 3-0 Josh Sheppard

Jordan Sollis 3-0 George O’Neill
Kyle Manton 3-0 Eleanor Cairns
Buster Turner 3-1 Will North
Liam Parker 3-2 Jack Boardman
Jordan Ward 3-1 Ash Marson

Second Round

Blake Manton 3-2 Chloe Parry
Lennon Craddock 3-1 Callum Boland
James Foster 3-0 Tavis Dudeney
Brad Phillips 3-0 John Smith
Mitchell McCarthy 3-1 Sam Sherwood
Keelan Kay 3-0 Leon Littler
Luke Littler 3-1 Alex Gurr

Lewis Gurney 3-1 Harry Martin
Alfie Jacques 3-0 Mitchell Leeming
Anthony Richardson 3-1 Kyle Copper
Henry Coates 3-0 Kaelib Gormley
Ross Gilder 3-0 Jordan Sollis
Kyle Manton 3-1 Buster Turner
Jordan Ward 3-0 Liam Parker
Kieran Ford 3-1 Harry Smith

Cameron Gill 3-1 Sean Ashburner

Third Round

Lennon Craddock 3-1 Blake Manton
Brad Phillips 3-2 James Foster
Mitchell McCarthy 3-2 Keelan Kay
Luke Littler 3-2 Lewis Gurney
Alfie Jacques 3-0 Anthony Richardson
Henry Coates 3-0 Cameron Gill
Kyle Manton 3-0 Ross Gilder

Jordan Ward 3-0 Kieran Ford


Brad Phillips 3-2 Lennon Craddock
Mitchell McCarthy 3-0 Luke Littler
Alfie Jacques 3-1 Henry Coates
Jordan Ward 3-0 Kyle Manton


(76.3) Brad Phillips 4-2 Mitchell McCarthy (74)
(73.8) Jordan Ward 4-3 Alfie Jacques (71.5)


(74.3) Brad Phillips 5-1 Jordan Ward (72.3)

Photography courtesy of JDC Darts 

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