Preparing for a darts exhibition

So a few months back a team mate of mine asked me if I wanted to play Rob Radsma in an exhibition for £5. I said “sure”, thinking to myself “who is Rob Radsma, I’ve never heard of him”.

Anyhow I got a private message on Facebook from my friend this week reminding me that in TWO days the match is on. Rob Radsma will be in Coleraine, Northern Ireland for a 20 leg challenge and I’m one of the twenty….

So the first thing that goes through my mind is I’m not ready, I haven’t been putting the practice in. I must get to the board and straighten the arrows up…

But I stopped myself tonight after 30 minutes practice of 201 in 9 darts.

What’s the point practicing now, 2 practice sessions (one tonight, and one tomorrow) is not going to change anything. I mean over the next 24 hours unless I work some magic and flip a switch in my head to become MVG in an instant, there’s no point in battering the board, maybe over playing and beating myself up.

I am just going to relax and get in the right frame of mind. After all ita only a game of arrows and I really shouldn’t put myself under any pressure and just treat it as what it should be – fun…

If I can get to a finish after 15 and take it in 18 darts or less, then that will be a very good standard for an amateur.

Anyhow that’s my Thursday (2 days away) planned for me.

Keep em straight!

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