Remote Darts League: Popular initiative returns for sequel as four ladies and nine countries are represented

Following the sheer success of the inaugural Remote Darts League, the popular initiative will return for a second staging from Monday with 16 participants in action, including four ladies.

James Richardson claimed both the hefty prize fund and the bragging rights after producing a series of scintillating showings across the duration of the first edition.

The Northamptonshire-based thrower lived up to his ‘Ruthless’ nickname as he thrashed both BDO World Championship runner-up Jim Williams and Paul Hogan to the loss of a mere five legs.

Richardson will return to defend his crown alongside Williams, Hogan and three-time BDO World Championship finalist Tony O’Shea – all of who reached the play-offs in the inaugural tournament.

They will be joined by 12 new editions in an increase field, with the competitors residing from nine differing countries and consisting of four female invitees.

America’s Larry Butler, who lifted the 1994 World Matchplay and reached the final of the World Masters five years ago, headlines the fresh arrivals and is one of three North American stars competing.

Canada’s David Cameron also represents the continent just months after appearing in his seventh successive BDO World Championship, as does BDO World Trophy quarter-finalist Joe Chaney and reigning Port City Open champion Stacey Pace.

Another highly-ranked woman in New Zealand’s Tina Osborne will take to her practice board in the early hours of the morning, joining her fellow Oceanic stars Justin Thompson and Darren Herewini.

England’s Lorraine Winstanley and Laura Turner complete the four women set to feature in the innovative league phase, with both having lifted World Darts Federation ranked titles in recent months.

Thibault Tricole, who created history in becoming in the first Frenchman to ever appear at the World Championship in January, will add as his nickname implies ‘The French Touch’, while BDO World Trophy runner-up Richard Veenstra also features.

Reigning World Masters champion John O’Shea will join the broadcast from Cork in the Republic of Ireland, seven months after lifting the biggest title of his career at the Circus Tavern.

The legendary Master of Ceremonies Richard Ashdown will be on hand to call the scores and provide post and pre-match interviews with the players across the 21-night tournament.

All players will play one another once across the first 20 evenings of action, with the play-offs marking three weeks since the inception of the Remote Darts League’s sequel.

Four players compete on each matchday, similar to the format of the PDC Home Tour, with the league phase format being best of 10 legs and a draw being possible.

A win will award players with two points towards the league standings, while they will receive a solitary point for a stalemate result.

The tournament will be contested from players’ homes, with fixtures having been confirmed for the opening 17 league nights and the remaining four evenings of action still to be announced.

The initiative will be broadcasted live on the Remote Darts League YouTube channel and commence on Monday evening from 9pm.


Night One
Monday May 18

Richard Veenstra v James Richardson
Larry Butler v Tina Osborne
Larry Butler v Richard Veenstra
Tina Osborne v James Richardson
Tina Osborne v Richard Veenstra
James Richardson v Larry Butler

Night Two
Tuesday May 19

Darren Herewini v Laura Turner
Joe Chaney v Paul Hogan
Joe Chaney v Darren Herewini
Paul Hogan v Laura Turner
Paul Hogan v Darren Herewini
Laura Turner v Joe Chaney

Night Three
Wednesday May 20

Tony O’Shea v Justin Thompson
Lorraine Winstanley v Thibault Tricole
Lorraine Winstanley v Tony O’Shea
Thibault Tricole v Justin Thompson
Thibault Tricole v Tony O’Shea
Justin Thompson v Lorraine Winstanley

Night Four
Thursday May 21

Stacey Pace v David Cameron
Jim Williams v John O’Shea
Jim Williams v Stacey Pace
John O’Shea v David Cameron
John O’Shea v Stacey Pace
David Cameron v Jim Williams

Night Five
Friday May 22

Lorraine Winstanley v Jim Williams
Larry Butler v Joe Chaney
Larry Butler v Lorraine Winstanley
Joe Chaney v Jim Williams
Joe Chaney v Lorraine Winstanley
Jim Williams v Larry Butler

Night Six
Saturday May 23

Thibault Tricole v John O’Shea
Tina Osborne v Paul Hogan
Tina Osborne v Thibault Tricole
Paul Hogan v John O’Shea
Paul Hogan v Thibault Tricole
John O’Shea v Tina Osborne

Night Seven
Sunday May 24

Tony O’Shea v Stacey Pace
Richard Veenstra v Darren Herewini
Richard Veenstra v Tony O’Shea
Darren Herewini v Stacey Pace
Darren Herewini v Tony O’Shea
Stacey Pace v Richard Veenstra

Night Eight
Monday May 25

Justin Thompson v David Cameron
James Richardson v Laura Turner
James Richardson v Justin Thompson
Laura Turner v David Cameron
Laura Turner v Justin Thompson
David Cameron v James Richardson

Night Nine
Tuesday May 26

Paul Hogan v Justin Thompson
Stacey Pace v Larry Butler
Stacey Pace v Paul Hogan
Larry Butler v Justin Thompson
Larry Butler v Paul Hogan
Justin Thompson v Stacey Pace

Night 10
Wednesday May 27

Joe Chaney v Tony O’Shea
David Cameron v Tina Osborne
David Cameron v Joe Chaney
Tina Osborne v Tony O’Shea
Tina Osborne v Joe Chaney
Tony O’Shea v David Cameron

Night 11
Thursday May 28

Laura Turner v Thibault Tricole
Jim Williams v Richard Veenstra
Jim Williams v Laura Turner
Richard Veenstra v Thibault Tricole
Richard Veenstra v Laura Turner
Thibault Tricole v Jim Williams

Night 12
Friday May 29

Darren Herewini v Lorraine Winstanley
John O’Shea v James Richardson
John O’Shea v Darren Herewini
James Richardson v Lorraine Winstanley
James Richardson v Darren Herewini
Lorraine Winstanley v John O’Shea

Night 13
Saturday May 30

Tina Osborne v Darren Herewini
Justin Thompson v Jim Williams
Justin Thompson v Tina Osborne
Jim Williams v Darren Herewini
Jim Williams v Tina Osborne
Darren Herewini v Justin Thompson

Night 14
Sunday May 31

Larry Butler v Laura Turner
Tony O’Shea v John O’Shea
Tony O’Shea v Larry Butler
John O’Shea v Laura Turner
John O’Shea v Larry Butler
Laura Turner v Tony O’Shea

Night 15
Monday June 1

Richard Veenstra v Paul Hogan
Lorraine Winstanley v David Cameron
Lorraine Winstanley v Richard Veenstra
David Cameron v Paul Hogan
David Cameron v Richard Veenstra
Paul Hogan v Lorraine Winstanley

Night 16
Tuesday June 2

James Richardson v Joe Chaney
Thibault Tricole v Stacey Pace
Thibault Tricole v James Richardson
Stacey Pace v Joe Chaney
Stacey Pace v James Richardson
Joe Chaney v Thibault Tricole

Night 17
Wednesday June 3

David Cameron v Larry Butler
Darren Herewini v Thibault Tricole
Darren Herewini v David Cameron
Thibault Tricole v Larry Butler
Thibault Tricole v David Cameron
Larry Butler v Darren Herewini

Night 18
Thursday June 4

To be confirmed

Night 19
Friday June 5

To be confirmed

Night 20
Saturday June 6

To be confirmed

Night 21
Sunday June 7

To be confirmed

Monday June 8


(Photography: Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics)

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