Rob Cross Semi-finals bound

Excuse me while I fiddle around with a mobile keyboard while sitting on a plane, but I just saw that Rob Cross comfortably won his match at the Ally Pally, and I had to say something.

Rob is not my favourite player as such but I have a lot of time for the guy, not to mention thinking he has come in for some unfair stick this year. For starters, the OOM has him at No 2, which is higher than Gary Anderson, who has had a majestic season. Rob Cross has scarcely graced the later rounds of major tournaments since the big one nearly twelve months ago, but none of the Top 16 players have been home bankers to do so on a regular basis, and only really Gary Anderson has dominated, with MVG predictably taking half of the other prizes. And what has Cross done wrong?

If we look at averages, maximums, finishing percentage and once again, prize money, Voltage has done well on all counts and let’s face it was never ever going to take Mighty Mike’s Number One ranking. Premier League semi-finalist too, under the pressure he would have been under as well as being the one everybody wanted to beat. So I just don’t buy into the bad season theory, even though I can imagine he wanted to do better. But that’s the point, wanted to do better, can do better, will do better! If we pick our winners based on permanent class or current form then it is no mystery why people are putting their money on Michael and Gary for the title to be awarded on 1st January. Don’t forget though, they can’t win every time and let’s say they don’t… Voltage has as much chance as any of them.

No, if you’re asking, I don’t think he will retain his World title. If there is any surprise this year in that direction it will be Dimitri van den Bergh and mark my words, he will win this one plural times. Rob Cross coped with a very stiff test last night and the confidence he gets from that can only do him good as he makes his way, I believe, to the semi-finals.

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