Should Barneveld have stayed with Unicorn?

The title says it all really. Should Dutch darts legend Raymond Van Barneveld have stayed with Unicorn, where he had almost all of his individual success within the PDC.

It’s an interesting question, as he has not really delivered after moving to Target Darts in July 2017 apart from World Cup success with MVG. But then the way MVG plays virtually anyone could be pulled through a World Cup with him.

Target Darts announced the signing of Barneveld in 2017 and leaked a graphic in orange beforehand – to obviously tease us of his impending signature. It wasnt hard to work out considering RVB posted a picture of him practicing with a Target branded box in the background, in his man cave.

Anyhow since moving from Unicorn to Target he has not settled on a set of darts. He keeps changing weights and set up. Obviously not as often as Peter Wright, but he has been changing regularly. Whilst he was fiddling waiting on Target to get a set made, he briefly threw with the Barney Phase 1s and he threw lovely with them in the matches I watched. So we know he liked the Unicorn ones where he stayed the course with in phases for eight years.

Of course it was a payday for Barney to move and I’m sure Target are well on their way to getting their money back on Darts equipment sales but I wonder if there is some regret with Barney moving from Unicorn. The original Barney dart from Unicorn obviously worked for the big man and whilst moving to Target was a payday in the short term initially, I cant help but feel it didnt pay off long term. His form has been shocking this last 18 months and whilst his mindset is not as it was, the darts are also potentially having an effect. With all that being said, I do think it was a mistake moving to Target.

Target Darts are a fantastic darts manufacturer and they make, for me, the best darts on the market but they haven’t found the right set up for Barney as yet and with the big man ‘retiring’ after the Worlds is it too late to get the ‘right’ ones?

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