Welshman Worsley furious after Van Gerwen incident during PDC Winter Series

Welshman Jonathan Worsley has been left furious after an altercation with Michael van Gerwen which disqualified him from the PDC Winter Series.

Worsley, a Challenge Tour event winner two years ago, was forced to withdraw from Saturday’s final Players Championship event of the season due to a heated row.

His squabble with the world number one broke out due to the current marking arrangements in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, with players now obliged to chalk after exiting each tournament.

After spilling a drink down his playing shirt earlier in the week, Worsley was told off by PDC tournament director Keith Bisby due to changing into another shirt which didn’t follow the regulated dress code.

Another incident soon occurred as someone marked for Van Gerwen in jeans and a t-shirt, with Worsley subsequently querying this with the officials in attendance.

Van Gerwen became aware of Worsley questioning his acts and began to ‘intimidate’ his Welsh counterpart, allegedly labelling him ‘a rat’. Worsley reacted and pushed him.

The three-time world champion proceeded to report this to officials, with Worsley then being removed from the tournament.

The Welshman was infuriated and took to social media to criticise the PDC for having ‘one rule for one, another for another’.

He also called Van Gerwen a ‘cry baby c**t’ which was imminently taken down out of respect to their shared management stable.

Van Gerwen was accused of being intimidating (Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

He later released a statement: “On Wednesday, I had to go to the toilet after my game. At the same time I spilt a drink down my top, so I changed my shirt ASAP and rushed back to mark the board.

“On Thursday, I got a b****cking off the tournament director for wearing a shirt we aren’t allowed to wear, so I apologised and that was that.

“Then MVG had to mark and he got someone to mark for him in jeans and a t-shirt! I then asked Keith – the tournament director – what the difference was, you cant have one rule for him and another for me.

“I made no formal complaint so this should of been kept between me and the tournament director.

“However, today MVG comes to the table and starts giving me s**t, asking why I reported him then starts calling me names and trying to intimidate me.

“I said ‘no, Mike, it wasn’t aimed at you, I just said it should be equal for all players’… a fair point to make!

“Anyway, I went out for a fag, just stood there with Scott chatting and he starts trying to intimidate me, calling me rat, rat, rat etc. I explained it one last time and people listening agreed. He kept going so I pushed him.

“He reported me to the PDC, bearing in mind the security knew full well that he had been provoking me yet I get kicked out he’s alright to play.”

He added: “How is that right? The PDC didn’t even speak to the security to see both sides, they just took MVG’s side. An absolute joke.

“So I’ve lost out today because you can’t talk to officials confidentially without them gossiping and stirring.”

The Welshman went on to praise the security working at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry and some of the officials.

As for Van Gerwen, he was ousted in the second round on Saturday afternoon at the hands of youngster Callan Rydz.

(Featured Image: Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

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