Whitlock, Ratajski, Dobey and Tabern taste success as Home Tour III continues

Chris Dobey won a second PDC Home Tour III group as Simon Whitlock, Krzysztof Ratajski and Alan Tabern also finished top during the four days of action this week.

Groups Four to Seven of the event streamed live from players’ homes took place from Monday to Thursday as the overall table took further shape, from which the top seven will qualify for the Championship Group.

In the first group of the week, Simon Whitlock showed why he’s still ranked in the top 20 with six wins out of six, including victories over Kirk Shepherd and James Wilson where he averaged more than 99.

The Australian finished six points ahead of anyone else, with Wilson, Kai Fan Leung, Richard North and Martin Schindler all winning exactly half of their games.

Shepherd picked up four points, while Poland’s Krzysztof Kciuk only collected a solitary win.

Tuesday’s Group Five saw another established player storm to the top of the table with Krzysztof Ratajski taking the honours.

Nathan Derry withdrew before the end of the day having played four matches, so those matches, which Derry all lost, were expunged from the standings.

Ratajski won all five of his matches, the most impressive of which was a whitewash of Ryan Meikle with an average of 111.

Meikle finished level on points with second-placed Martijn Kleermaker, while Jonathan Worsley emerged victorious from two last-leg deciders to finish fourth.

The final two players, Ron Meulenkamp and Stephen Bunting, both played some decent stuff throughout the day, but could only get two points apiece.

In Group Six, Chris Dobey ensured he would finish the week top of the overall standings after collecting 10 points, finishing narrowly ahead of Carl Wilkinson in the daily table.

Despite a 104 average for Barnsley man Wilkinson in a win over Dobey, ‘Hollywood’ finished top by virtue of a superior leg difference.

Andy Hamilton had two ton-plus averages throughout the day, but was too inconsistent to finish in the top two as he had to settle for third place.

Peter Jacques and Gary Blades had solid days, while Geert Nentjes and Barrie Bates rounded out Wednesday’s group with two points each.

On Thursday, it was another group that came down to leg difference, this time Alan Tabern edging out Andy Boulton.

Despite an overall average of 98 for Boulton, his 4-1 defeat to ‘The Saint’ in the pair’s final game of the day ensured Tabern finished top by five legs.

Those two were the best players of Group Seven by a considerable distance, but Martijn Kleermaker, Ross Smith and Steve West all managed three wins.

David Pallett and Martin Schindler didn’t do their chances of making the Championship Group any favours after both lost five of their six contests.

In that overall table, it’s still early days with only a third of the campaign played, but Dobey and Boulton have a six-point advantage over everyone else.

Wilson, Whitlock and Tabern are among the other players well-placed to qualify after two weeks of Home Tour III.

The tournament takes a break next week due to the PDC Winter Series but will return on Monday, 23 November with Group Eight.


Group Four
Monday, November 2

Krzysztof Kciuk 4-3 Kai Fan Leung
Simon Whitlock 4-2 Martin Schindler
Richard North 4-0 Kirk Shepherd
Kai Fan Leung 4-2 James Wilson
Kirk Shepherd 4-3 Krzysztof Kciuk
Simon Whitlock 4-1 Richard North
James Wilson 4-0 Martin Schindler
Kai Fan Leung 4-3 Kirk Shepherd
Simon Whitlock 4-3 Krzysztof Kciuk
Richard North 4-2 Martin Schindler
Kirk Shepherd 4-3 James Wilson
Simon Whitlock 4-2 Kai Fan Leung
Martin Schindler 4-2 Krzysztof Kciuk
James Wilson 4-0 Richard North
Simon Whitlock 4-1 Kirk Shepherd
Martin Schindler 4-2 Kai Fan Leung
Richard North 4-2 Krzysztof Kciuk
Simon Whitlock 4-1 James Wilson
Martin Schindler 4-2 Kirk Shepherd
Kai Fan Leung 4-1 Richard North
James Wilson 4-0 Krzysztof Kciuk

Group Five
Tuesday, November 3

Ryan Meikle 4-2 Jonathan Worsley
Martijn Kleermaker 4-2 Ron Meulenkamp
Stephen Bunting 4-2 Jonathan Worsley
Ryan Meikle 4-3 Ron Meulenkamp
Krzysztof Ratajski 4-1 Martijn Kleermaker
Jonathan Worsley 4-3 Ron Meulenkamp
Krzysztof Ratajski 4-0 Ryan Meikle
Ron Meulenkamp 4-1 Stephen Bunting
Krzysztof Ratajski 4-1 Jonathan Worsley
Martijn Kleermaker 4-3 Stephen Bunting
Krzysztof Ratajski 4-3 Ron Meulenkamp
Martijn Kleermaker 4-3 Ryan Meikle
Krzysztof Ratajski 4-0 Stephen Bunting
Jonathan Worsley 4-3 Martijn Kleermaker
Ryan Meikle 4-3 Stephen Bunting

Group Six
Wednesday, November 4

Carl Wilkinson 4-2 Peter Jacques
Chris Dobey 4-3 Andy Hamilton
Gary Blades 4-0 Barrie Bates
Carl Wilkinson 4-0 Geert Nentjes
Gary Blades 4-2 Peter Jacques
Chris Dobey 4-1 Barrie Bates
Andy Hamilton 4-1 Geert Nentjes
Carl Wilkinson 4-3 Gary Blades
Chris Dobey 4-2 Peter Jacques
Andy Hamilton 4-0 Barrie Bates
Geert Nentjes 4-1 Gary Blades
Carl Wilkinson 4-2 Chris Dobey
Peter Jacques 4-2 Andy Hamilton
Barrie Bates 4-3 Geert Nentjes
Chris Dobey 4-1 Gary Blades
Andy Hamilton 4-3 Carl Wilkinson
Peter Jacques 4-1 Barrie Bates
Chris Dobey 4-0 Geert Nentjes
Andy Hamilton 4-0 Gary Blades
Carl Wilkinson 4-1 Barrie Bates
Peter Jacques 4-3 Geert Nentjes

Group Seven
Thursday, November 5

Martijn Kleermaker 4-2 David Pallett
Andy Boulton 4-0 Steve West
Alan Tabern 4-0 Martin Schindler
Ross Smith 4-1 David Pallett
Alan Tabern 4-2 Martijn Kleermaker
Steve West 4-2 Martin Schindler
Andy Boulton 4-1 Ross Smith
Alan Tabern 4-0 David Pallett
Steve West 4-3 Martijn Kleermaker
Andy Boulton 4-3 Martin Schindler
Ross Smith 4-1 Alan Tabern
David Pallett 4-2 Steve West
Andy Boulton 4-3 Martijn Kleermaker
Ross Smith 4-0 Martin Schindler
Alan Tabern 4-2 Steve West
Andy Boulton 4-3 David Pallett
Martijn Kleermaker 4-1 Martin Schindler
Steve West 4-3 Ross Smith
Alan Tabern 4-1 Andy Boulton
Martin Schindler 4-1 David Pallett
Martijn Kleermaker 4-0 Ross Smith

by Jamie Cameron

(Featured Image: PDC)

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