Who uses the 10X Flights?

The Target Darts 10x Flights were released around this time last year. The flight that was to supposed to allow you to have better ‘vision’ on the board with less blocking and also go faster to the board ala Kite shaped.

I can’t help but feel it’s been a bit of a really slow burner and not really got off the ground as yet.

I have to yet to see a pro player on TV use the 10x flight. Even the Target sponsored players such as Norris, Lewis use the Vision flights (No.6) and I believe Ricky Evans use the big N0.2 standard flight. Rob Cross, Raymond van Barneveld and Paul Lim are using standard No.6 flights (Vision) as well.

What does that tell you?

In my opinion they are not as good a flight for consistency versus the small standard. The 10x are 15% smaller than the Small Standard (No.6) and 25% smaller than the Standard (No.2)

I have tried them myself and can form my own opinion after using them for 3 months. They really don’t add anything in terms of better scoring as they actually affect the natural arc of the dart. My darts stand to attention much like Wayne Mardle and I like that – so the flight is never really in the way anyhow. But with the 10x flights, the darts go in at a less than 45 degree angle and sometimes much flatter – which may suit ‘stackers’ but not people who put an arc into their throw. It’s a horses for courses kind of thing and subjective.

I don’t want to slight Target Darts as they make some of the most advanced darts I have seen and the newly released Aspinall darts are a thing of beauty. But I can’t help but feel the 10x flights haven’t really taken off.

What do you guys think??


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