Wot No Walk On GIrls?

That I am aware of, we were never really told the whole story of why the walk on girls were axed. Seemed to be a bit of this and a bit of that. Correct me if I’m wrong. By now we’re all getting on with life without them and to my knowledge nobody has stopped buying darts tickets in their absence. And why would they?

It’s probably even pointless writing about it any more, even for those of us who thought D & C were great, darts is as good as ever and the last time I heard any mention of the decision was about a day after it was made. Ancient history, is it not?

So why do I want to flog this dead horse when people’s attention is quite rightly on the Premier League and the upcoming Europeans?

Well, there’s just one thing I don’t get.

Let’s play devil’s advocate and say the decision to let the girls go was right, that their participation did reinforce social stereotypes that men are successful and women are just pretty. Let’s accept that they did detract from the game itself, and that potential sponsors felt that they wanted more attention on the players themselves.

For a moment consider that darts is trying to appeal to wider audiences round the world and that there are groups in society who feel that this was inappropriate in 2018, and broadcasters don’t want to alienate potential viewers.

It may be hard, and it is for me too, but see it from that perspective just this once.

There were also rumours that this stemmed from an un-related scandal, which I won’t go into, not knowing the whole story.

Perhaps the idea of walk on girls had had its time, that it just didn’t have the same appeal any more. I dare say darts even wants to lead the way and reinvent itself so that it may appeal to future generations of people raised in an increasingly politically correct world.

I guess there’s method in all madness.

So, on that basis, why do we still have the dancing girls?

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